Get Open NAT on AT&T U-verse

Open NAT AT&T U-verse

Every computer including your computer has private IP address which is basically used to uniquely identify your computer on the Internet. AT&T U-verse router on the other hand also has a shared public IP address.

Your private address is replaced with the public address by the router when you send any information or data to the Internet. But when the information is received the router puts the private address back and routes the data. If the router didn’t assign the port number, it drops the data. This is the process which is known as Network Address Translation and it creates a natural firewall. If the game, you are playing, communicates over a specific port, you must open the port that tells the router not to perform NAT and to send the traffic on the port directly.

Step by Step Guide

  • Open your Internet browser and enter “http://homeportal/&quot” and hit the “Enter” button. In this way, you will navigate to the AT&T U-verse home portal page on your AT&T U-verse router.
  • Click “Go” and there is “Settings” tab you will click. You will see another tab named “Broadband.” Click the tab.
  • You should see “Firewall” tab inside the Broadband tab. Choose “Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ.”
  • You must identify the computer to which you wish to forward data on the port. And then choose the computer from the list of network devices it displays. You need to select “Allow Individual Application” in the Edit Firewall Settings section.
  • You need to select the application for which you want the open port if it’s in the list of applications that AT&T U-verse can configure for you automatically. Finally, click “Add.”

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