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Periscope for Windows PC

Periscope for PC Windows: Twitter owned Periscope is a popular live-streaming app. There are countless live-streaming apps available these days and it has become difficult to decide which app one should use. There are different features a user wants to see in his favorite app. It is next to impossible to find all your favorite features in one app. We have done some research on live-streaming apps and according to the findings of our research Periscope is one of the top live-streaming apps.

It is right that when there are a lot of apps it gives the user an option to choose from. But the problem is that it becomes easy to overlook a good app like Periscope. As stated above, Periscope is owned by Twitter but it does not require you to have a Twitter account. You must be thinking what makes Periscope different from other apps Twitter owns like Vine.

Periscope is mainly known for live broadcast, unlike Vine which offers pre-recorded short videos. Making a Vine involves a lot of things such as shooting and editing. It is only a six seconds video but you have to do a lot of homework. Periscope, on the other hand, focuses on capturing events as they happen. When you capture an event as it happens it will attract a lot of people.

Downloading and Installing Periscope for PC

Below, we have shown how to download and install for your Windows PC. We will be using an Android emulator like Andyroid.

  • Downloading the Periscope.apk is the first thing you need to do. You must have a Google account to download Periscope .apk from the Google Play Store. You can download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Now, you will need an Android emulator like Andyroid. When you open Andyroid, you will be asked to choose the device to emulate. Just select the one with the screen dimensions closest to that of yours
  • Launch Andyroid and search .apk file you saved downloaded above. Upload the file and it will be installed to your virtualized Android device.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and when it does you will start using it.

Features of Periscope

There are many features of Periscope that attract a user. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Periscope features

  • If you like a video on Periscope, you can leave your comments on it. The broadcaster will surely reply to the comments. Some of you must be wondering how many people you can respond this way. Well, Periscope does not put such kind of limit. But there is certainly a limit on how many can comment.
  • Periscope lets you take control of things. You just don’t sit back and wait to see the response against your video but Periscope allows you change the experience. This is how you take charge of things in Periscope.
  • Snapchat and Vine are known for short videos. People make different kinds of videos on those platforms and most of those videos are pre-planned. But Periscope broadcasts are live which means there is no script involved. This is the beauty of Periscope.
  • You can also watch old Periscope in the app and you can also encourage the viewer by sending him hearts. But there is no way you can reply to the comments.

The periscope was founded as a platform where users can watch live videos. You can find news of all kinds on Twitter but it does not offer live videos. So, the founder of Periscope Kayvon Beykpour founded Periscope back in 2013.

The idea was to capture things as they happen because tweeting about it will take a lot of time. If something is happening in front of you what you will do, tweet about it or broadcast it. You surely cannot waste the whole time tweeting about it so broadcasting it is a better idea. Bloggers and vloggers also find the app very useful.

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