Get Spotify Premium Student Discount for College

Spotify Student Discount

Spotify is the first name that comes to mind when we think about music. Are you a college student? If your answer is yes then you would love to know about Spotify Premium discount. We will show you how you can score a student discount. Listening to music has become easy thanks to smartphones and so many apps available these days. There are countless music apps you claiming to offer the best music.

You must have heard about top music apps like Pandora etc. Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to decide which app they should use. It is true that most of the people don’t have time to do some research to shortlist best music apps. So we have decided to do the research work for you. We will show everything you need to know about Spotify Premium student discount for college. This article is the first of its kind and you will be more articles from us in the near future. Spotify is the first choice of many because it has a music library of around twenty million songs.

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Why Spotify Premium Account?

You may find striking similarities between Spotify and Pandora. There is no much you can do about the adds when you go for free streaming music. But updating to a premium account can be the solution to the problem. Free account does not let you skip the songs and ads you don’t like, but the premium account does. A premium account will cost you $10 per month but for students, it will be $5. On top of all, you can play songs of your own choice which means premium account puts you in the driving seat.

You can also download songs for offline listening. Moreover, the quality of audio songs is far better than that of free streaming music.

Getting Spotify Premium Discount

Upgrading Through the Website

Below, we have shown how to apply the Spotify Premium Discount for college students.

  • Navigate to the and then click the Premium link at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to see what you get if you choose to subscribe to Spotify premium. There are you can do the comparison between Spotify free and Spotify premium.
  • Below there you will see three links named Student Discount, PlayStation and Premium for Family. Click Student Discount link.
  • You will Get Premium button on the page. Click the button.

Upgrading Through the App<

This is how you can upgrade through the app.

  • Open Spotify app on your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings in the app
  • You will see a menu from which you will select “Account”
  • If you are using a free account then you will see an option to upgrade. You just have to follow the upgrade link. It may take some time.
  • You will be upgraded to the Premium.

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