Give Xbox Bandwidth on a Router

Xbox Bandwidth Router

It is true that sometimes router configuration is difficult. It is very important to prioritize your bandwidth in your network as it helps improve the speed and quality of online Xbox services. If your network is configured to provide the Xbox with optimum bandwidth allowance you have uninterrupted gaming experience.

Step by Step Guide

  • You need an Ethernet cable using which you will connect your PC to your router. You will do so because there is no way you can alter settings on the router from your PC if it is wirelessly connected to the router.
  • Now connect to the Internet, launch your Web browser and enter your IP address in the address bar. There are also websites which assist you to find your IP address.
  • You need to enter login credentials in the respective fields. You can also refer to your router manual. If you don’t find it in manual, navigate to the website of your router company and download the manual you need.
  • Go to the “QoS” (Quality of Service) tab of your router. Once you are there, select your Xbox’s MAC identification and keep scrolling until you see the option to maximize service.
  • When you are done making the changes, press “Apply” or “Save” button and then log out of the admin account and close the window.

Important Tip

  • Turning the NAT setting off is another way to increase the performance.
  • Don’t forget to click “save” or “apply” button after making changes. If the “save” button is not pressed, the changes will not be applied.

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