Google Videos: A Quick Overview

Google Videos

Google Videos offers multimedia content from various video search sites including YouTube. In 2005 Google launched Google Videos. And it will not be wrong to say that after the acquisition of YouTube Google’s ability to offer quality multimedia content increased. Google Videos is mainly used to search videos. It is a kind of search tool and it works just like other search tools we use. You simply have to enter what you are looking for in the search bar and then it displays search results. Search any kind of videos using this tool.

Quickly Searching Google Videos

As stated earlier using Google Videos is very simple. If you are thinking about using Google Video to find a video then following are the ways to do so.

  • Search by keyword or phrase
  • You can search the Google Recommended Videos
  • Use the Advanced Google Video Search

This is the best tool you can find to search high quality videos. Simply search the videos on Google Search. Clicking on a video title will open the video.

Filtering Your Search Results

You just have to use basic search techniques to search any video on Google Videos. These are the same search techniques that are commonly used to search almost anything through a search engine. When you enter something in the search bar and hit Enter button, it will display search results. You will also see some search options at the top of the page.

Click the dropdown menu to filter the dates or length of videos you are actually looking for.

Why Use Google Video?

Using Google Video should be your first choice when it comes to searching videos on Web. You can use the tool to find your videos of your favorite football club. Google Videos allows you choose the duration of the videos. If you want full length videos then you can change the duration to over twenty minutes. You need to use “Filter” as explained above to change the duration of the video.

Search Videos with Google Video

People prefer using Google Videos because it searches several video and multimedia sites to offer you best search results. You will find following tips very useful when searching for free streaming movies through Google Videos.

  • Look for a Particular Movie: You must know the name of the movie you are looking for because Google Videos does not have offer subject categories or topic genres.
  • Use the Search Controls: You can use search controls to further refine your search. For instant if you are looking for a full length movie then you should select “Long (20+ min)” option. Once you have selected this option you will not see any short video in search results.

Advanced Search Option: Google Videos offers an advanced search option which you can use for in-depth search. There are options such as by phrasing, duration, language and more. You can use these options to further narrow down your search results.

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