All About Hay Day Levels & Where to Start

Hay Day Levels

No matter which game you are playing, you always want to complete your game at a higher level. Most of the games we play on our smartphones have levels. There is a kind of competition among people to reach the highest level of a game. When someone says that he has reached to the highest level of the game we think of him as a genius. Levels are used as a marker of progress.

Hay Day is a favorite game of many. There are many levels in Hay Day sometimes it appears that the game will never end. Below, we are going to talk about some tips that you will find very useful when playing Hay Day.

Hay Day is no doubt an interesting game and played by millions of people around the world. There are many people who want to know how to get to the next Hay Day level. Do you know that when you reach the next level, you also get awards and bonuses? In this article, we will talk about some tips that you will find very helpful when playing your favorite game Hay Day. First off, we will talk about some basic things like the strategy you need, features of the game and what should be your objective. You should know that Hay Day is the creation of Supercell. Yes, it is the Supercell that is also behind other popular games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Those who have played these above-mentioned games know that there is something common among these games.

Hay Day

There are two platforms iTunes and Google Play Store where you can go and get Hay Day. You will be surprised to know that total reviews of Hay Day are more than 3.4 million including over 3 million reviews on Google Play with 4 plus stars. As the name suggests, the game is about farms just like FarmVille. You will be doing what farmers do like taking care of a farm, harvesting wheat and taking care of animals etc. Put yourself in the shoes of a farmer. You can win coins by selling your products through appropriate channels. This is how you expand your production and farm. The more experience points you get higher the chances to progress in Hay Day.

You can also play Hay Day with other people in a community. When you play in the community then you learn a lot such as helping those in need and building a community of farmers and much more. Supercell keeps introducing a new feature to the game in order to make sure that your interest remains alive.

Hay Day Levels

You as a farmer progress through Hay Day levels and you would surely like to go to the farthest level of the game. The strategy of the game is simple. You can only advance to the next level after you sell your crops, taking and filling orders, harvesting crops, and doing crafts etc. The more experience you gain, the best. Taking and filling orders from your order board will help you get more experience or XP. There is a blue start at the upper middle of your screen indicating the level you are at.

Keep an eye on the blue bar and when it is filled up you will reach the next level. In the very first level called Level 1, you must have 27 XP to go to level 2. As the game progresses, you need more XP to advance to the next level.

Here is a tip you will find very useful. As stated above, you need experience or XP to reach the next level. Remember, the blue star shows XP.

Highest Hay Day Level

Do you know what the highest level of Hay Day is? You must have seen many people asking this question because it looks like the game never ends. Previously, it was believed that the highest Hay Day level was 100 but we saw people going even beyond that. It will not be wrong to say that the highest level of the game keeps changing because this is the only way to keep your interest alive in the game. Hay Day generates a lot of revenue for Supercell and this is why it wants users to keep playing the game.

Imagine what will happen if the game ends at level 100. Well, the answer is simple, a lot of people will stop playing the game. For Supercell, losing players mean the significant reduction in revenues. This is not only true for Hay Day. In fact, the same thing can be said about many games. The highest level of Hay Day keeps changing. There was a time when 100 was the highest level and then 200 became the highest level. Currently, 300 is the highest level of the game. But it does not mean that there will be no new highest level. Supercell will surely change this highest level once people start reaching it. So, it is difficult to say what will be the last level because changing the highest level again and again and making people play the game is the only way to make money for Supercell.

Hay Day Level Rewards List

Hay Day rewards vary depending on the number of levels you are at. The rule is simple when you perform well you get the reward. The rewards you receive at different levels are diamonds, corn, TNT, sheep, raspberries, sugar, cat and much more. Here, we just named a few but in reality, they are a lot more than that. Read the following to know what you get at different levels.

  • In the beginning, you get basic things as rewards like feed, corn, meal, feed mill, etc. You can use them to keep your farm in good shape. Next, you receive things like cows, pigs, sheep etc.
  • You also get diamonds which you can use to buy different things you need. Diamonds are used as a currency to buy things.
  • When you reach level 24, you are allowed to mine and when you reach level 27 you can catch fish.
  • Once you have reached level 70, you only receive diamonds. Initially, you will receive four diamonds and then five.
  • From Hay Day Level 100, you will receive ten diamonds for every level up.

It is not that you cannot play the game without diamonds but having diamonds makes you play the game faster. This is how the company generates revenue. So, in order to make money, Supercell encourages users to buy diamonds. The company has introduced various payment options from which you can choose the one you find convenient. This is how you can level up faster.

Items Unlocked or Received

Here we have provided a list of items you receive from leveling up in Hay Day. There are dozens of items making it difficult for us to mention here. You get these items at different levels of Hay Day and they help you maintain your farm.

Chili Pepper, hot chocolate, apple jam, retriever, rice, ice cream maker, axe, jam maker, bacon, popcorn, apple pie, chocolate ice cream, bacon and egg, jeweler, sandwich bar, Keg, saw, coffee kiosk, baked potato, lemon curd, lemon tree, cow feed, cow, cream, corn, sheep, lettuce, lobster sushi, blackberry jam, dog house, stable, daisies, strawberries, necklace,  sugar cane, olive oil, pancake, fish soup, cacao, fountain, fresh hay, cake oven, flower hedge and much more.

Hay Day Levels Tips

Now we will offer some free tips and tricks which you will surely find very useful. There are various strategies used by players in Hay Day. The strategies we are going to talk about below are already being used by many users like you.

  • Crops with high value earn you a lot of money.
  • Use your capital to expand your silo. Here, you need to use the space efficiently and keep in mind that your cap is at 10,000 spaces. You will be filling the silo with wheat.
  • You can find amazing deals in the newspapers. Try changing the language of the newspaper in case you don’t find interesting deals. When you are done, don’t forget to change the language back to what it was before you changed it.
  • If they are easy crops we recommend doing orders. For vouchers, you can do blue orders.
  • Never ignore your roadside shop. Always keep it well maintained. It is a good way to make handsome amount of money by selling your items. Remember, you can use your cheap items to attract customers and then you can also sell other items.
  • Never spend on products you can make for yourself. Spend only on those products you cannot make on your own. Newspaper can help you find amazing deals. Keep looking for a red tool box. There are also some free items you can also have.
  • Thinking about expanding your land? Go to the official site of Supercell where you can find everything you need to get the job done. Sometimes, you can find things you need from other players found at the forum.

In this article, we talked about Hay Day levels and also share some useful tips and tricks. Now you also know how to you can reach the next level quickly. Your ultimate goal should be enjoying the game and not just reach the highest level of the game.

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