Hook up a Projector to AT&T U-verse

Hook-up-Projector to AT&T U-verse

Want to display your TV service on the projector’s screen? There is a way to do it. You simply have to hook up your projector to your AT&T U-Verse receiver. What will home theater projector exactly do? It will take the video from the equipment in your home theater system and show on the big screen. You will be using the HDMI port on the U-verse receiver to deliver 1080p HD video to the projector’s inputs. The same image you watch on your TV screen will be displayed by the projector.

Hook Up Your Projector to AT&T U-verse

  • Firstly turn off your projector and the receiver.
  • You need an HDMI cable. One end of the HDMI cable is to be plugged into the HDMI port located on the back of the receiver.
  • And the other end of the HDMI cable is to be plugged into the HDMI IN port on your projector. Now power up the receiver and the projector.
  • There is a “Source Search” or “Input” button on the projector to display the image from the AT&T U-verse receiver. Press the button.

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