Accessing Windows Live Hotmail with Outlook

Access Hotmail in Outlook Express

If you are Windows Live Hotmail users then you should know that Windows Live Hotmail works great with Outlook. There is also a way to send/receive emails via your Windows Live Hotmail account from within Outlook. Below we have shown how you can access Windows Live Hotmail with different versions of Outlook.

With Outlook 2010

Follow the steps given below

  • First off, you will select ‘File | Info’ in Outlook email
  • Select ‘Add Account’
  • Next, select ‘E-mail Account’ if not selected already.
  • Below ‘Your Name’ you will enter your name.
  • Under ‘E-mail address’ start typing your ‘Windows Live Hotmail address’.
  • Next, you will type your password below ‘Password’ and ‘Retype Password’.
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Click ‘Finish’

With Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

Below we will show you how to access Windows Live Hotmail with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.

  • You will, first, download and install Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector.
  • From the menu in Outlook, you will select ‘Outlook Connector | Add a New Account’
  • Next, you will enter your Windows Live Hotmail login information i.e. email address and password. Enter ‘E-Windows Live Hotmail Email address and password in the appropriate spaces.
  • Below ‘Name’,  you will type your name
  • Press ‘Ok’
  • Press ‘Ok’ again
  • Restart ‘Outlook’

If you don’t want to use Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector then you can use tools that let you access web-based email accounts through any POP or IMAP account like Outlook.

Accessing a Windows Live Hotmail Account in Outlook

Now we will show you how to set up Windows Live Hotmail as a POP account in Outlook.

  • From the menu in Outlook, you can select ‘Tools | Account Settings’
  • Navigate to the ‘Email’ tab
  • Click ‘New’
  • Be sure that POP3, IMAP, HTTP or Microsoft Exchange is selected.
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Below ‘Your Name’ you have to type your name
  • You will enter your Windows Live Hotmail address below ‘E-mail Address’
  • ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ must be checked.
  • Press Next
  • Select ‘Internet E-mail’
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Below ‘Account Type’ select ‘POP3’
  • Under ‘Incoming mail server’ you will enter ‘’ without quotations.
  • You will enter ‘’ below ‘Outgoing mail server (SMTP)’
  • Next, you will enter your full Windows Live Hotmail address and password in the User Name and password spaces.
  • Select ‘More Settings…’
  • Navigate to the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab.
  • Check ‘My outgoing server SMTP requires authentication’
  • Make sure that ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’ is selected
  • Head over to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Verify ‘This server requires an encrypted connection SSL’ is checked below ‘Incoming Server’
  • Next below ‘Outgoing server’ you will select ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’
  • Makes sure that below ‘Incoming server POP3’ appears ‘995’ and below ‘Outgoing server SMTP’ appears ‘25’
  • Press ‘Ok’
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Press ‘Finish’
  • Click ‘Close’

With Outlook 2000 and 2002

Read the following instructions to set up Outlook to access your existing Windows Live Hotmail account.

  • You must have a subscription for the Windows Live Hotmail account you need to access offline.
  • In Outlook you will select ‘Tools | E-mail Accounts’
  • Select ‘Add a new e-mail account’
  • Press Next
  • Next, you will choose the Server Type. Select ‘HTTP’
  • Press ‘Next’ again
  • There is an E-mail Account dialog box in which you will enter your account details.
  • Below ‘Your Name’ you will enter your full name.
  • Next, you will enter your Windows Live Hotmail email address below ‘e-mail address’
  • You will have to enter your Hotmail email address user name in case Outlook doesn’t enter it for you automatically.
  • Enter your password below ‘Password’
  • In the ‘HTTP Mail Service Provider’ box, you will select ‘Hotmail’
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Press ‘Finish’

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