How To Add and Rotate Text To Snapchat Photos

Add Text to Snapchat Photo

There are moments when we realize that pictures are the best way to say what we want to say. Best pictures are those that don’t need words to explain them. But sometimes we want to use both pictures and words to make it easier for the viewer to understand the message we are trying to communicate. And this is what this article is about.

In this article, we will show you how to add text to your Snapchat photos and videos. You will also learn how to increase the size of your text and how to rotate the text. It is also a way to impress your friends on Snapchat.

Adding Text to Snapchat

Those using the default Snapchat app will be happy to know that there is no need to change any of the settings because it has the built-in ability to add text. You can get the app from the App Store if you don’t have it. Be careful when you search Snapchat on the App Store because there may be other apps with similar names. So make sure that you have downloaded Snapchat and nothing else.

New Snapchat users will have to sign up first before they start using the app. Once you have created an account, the app will keep your login and you don’t have to log in every time you want to use the app. When you open the app you will see that camera is on. Take a picture. You will see an x at the upper left side and a crayon at the upper right side. At bottom, you can choose for how long your friends can view your photo. There is also an option of turning the snap into a story. Adding text to your snap is very easy. Just touch the center of your iPhone or Android screen and you will see a small text box. Type your text using the keyboard. Landscape mode of your phone lets you type a longer sentence.

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Adding Large Text

There may be some snaps you would like to add large text to. Adding large text to your snaps is also very easy. Large and bold text attracts the attention of the viewers. When you add large text, it appears in white, unlike the normal text which appears in a dark text box. Following is the way to add large text to your snaps.

  • Launch the Snapchat app.
  • You can view your snaps by swiping right.
  • There, at the upper right side, you will see a gear icon.
  • Below “Additional Services” you will touch Manage.
  • Below, Options you will see “Special Text”. Turn it on.

Now, you know how to do it. You can try it on your own.

  • Launch the Snapchat app
  • Take a photo by clicking the circle at the bottom.
  • To add text tap in the center of the screen. You should see a small T in the upper right side.
  • Simply touch the T if you want to include large text and start typing.

Changing Text Color

It looks like prayers of Snapchat users has been finally answered as changing the color of the text is now possible. You can only change the color of large text. Above, we talked about adding large text to your snaps. You can follow the instructions given above to add large text. When you add text, you will see a color at the upper right side. You can change the text color by simply sliding your finger up and down to whatever color you want to use.

Rotating Snapchat Text

You can add text, change the color of text and you can also rotate text. It is a simple but very useful feature. You can rotate your text from a little bit to completely upside down. Features like this double the fun of using Snapchat. This is another way to make your snaps look different. Moreover, when you rotate text you can also make text both large and small giving you control on what it will look like when you are done.

You can rotate the text when you use large font size. Simply, follow the steps given above to add large text to your snaps. Once you have added the large text to your snaps, use your index finger and thumb to rotate the text on your screen. When you have rotated the text to your desired angle then you can lift your fingers. You can also use your thumb and index fingers to convert the small text into large text. In addition, you can also use one finger to drag your message to the desired position on the screen.

Adding Emoji Text to Snapchat

Snaps are incomplete without emoji. Our eyes are looking for emoji while viewing snaps. You can include text but emoji add color to your snaps. Emoji help conveys your feelings better. You must enable emoji keyboard on your smartphone in order to include emoji. For more emoji options, we recommend you to download an external emoticon keyboard. The first turn on your emoji keyboard, then open Snapchat and take a picture. Above, we have listed the steps following which you can include large text. Go to your emoji keyboard while typing large text and start typing emoji.

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