Check a Router’s Log

Those days are gone when networking was considered to be a complicated task especially home networking. Managing home networking is easy and most of the people do it on their own and they don’t need any kind of technical support. Both type of router, wireless and wired, come with administrative software loaded onto them. And the very same software can be used not only to troubleshoot the device but also to access log files.

Simple Steps to Check Your Router’s Log

  • Firstly you must ensure that your computer is connected to your local network. The network status can be checked in the system tray. You need an RJ-45 cable in order to connect your computer to the router.
  • Launch the Web browser you have installed on your computer and enter into the address bar and hit the “Enter” button. This IP address works for more than ninety percent of routers. If your Web browser returns an error, you can check the router manual for the actual IP address.
  • You may be prompted to enter an administrative password. This is the password you will have set up when you set up the router first time. You should see configuration screen if you didn’t set a password. The screen you see on your computer screen may differ depending on the brand and model of the router you are using.
  • Click “Status” in order to access log files. You will see “Logs” link on the screen. Find the specific location of your router using the user guide of your router, if you don’t find the “Logs” link on the main screen.
  • In order to see saved logs of your router, you need to click “Logs.” Here you can also choose the way your router records logs. You should see a number of logs listed. There are some routers that have “Save logs” button using which you can export the logs to a text file.
  • Open the search function of your browser by pressing “Ctrl+F”. Using this function you can also search for a specific Internet Protocol address. Simply enter what you want to search into the window and hit “Enter” button. Finally in order to exit the router setup, close the window or simply log out.

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