How to Connect Cable Modem to the Wireless Router

Connect Cable Modem to Wireless Router

Internet changed the way we communicate and the role of wireless technology cannot be ignored in this regard. There are many advantages of using wireless routers. If you are wirelessly connected to the router you can use the Internet anywhere without worrying about wires. In addition using a wireless router, multiple computers are able to share a common Internet connection. In simple words, if you want to make your life easy, start using a wireless router.

Connect Cable Modem with Wireless Router

To connect your cable modem to wireless router, follow these simple steps.

  • When you buy a router, a power adapter/cable comes with it. Attach the power adapter/cable to the router and to your wall outlet or power strip.
  • You need to locate an Ethernet port on your router commonly found on the back panel of the router. The port is usually named “Ethernet.”
  • You need a Category 5e Ethernet cable to connect to the Ethernet port.
  • Have a look at the back of the wireless router and you will find a number of several ports. Look for the port labeled “Internet” or “Modem.”
  • The other end of the Ethernet cord is to be connected to this port.
  • Now it is time to connect the power cables to the cable modem and wireless router. Make sure you don’t mix them up.

Important Tips

  • Setting up security for your wireless router is an important task and should not be ignored. You simply have to navigate to the router’s local configuration page by simply entering “” or “” You can also check your router’s manual for the correct address.

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