How to Contact T-Mobile Customer Services Support

T-Mobile Customer Service

There are more than one ways to reach T-Mobile customer services phone number such as 800 toll-free number, live chat, postal mail address and email address. People call T-Mobile customer service phone number for many reasons. A majority of the people inquire about billing, customer service representative, and technical assistance.

Those who are already a customer are required to dial 611 from their T-mobile phone. They will ask to speak with a supervisor. Tell the problem you are facing to the supervisor and he will suggest you the right course of action.

T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers

You can write down the following customer service phone numbers.

T-Mobile customer service and sales: 1-800-866-2453

Try dialing the following phone number, if you don’t find the number given above helpful.

  • 1-877-746-0909
  • 1-800-937-8997

Note down the following T-Mobile customer service number, you may need them in future.

  • Order help number: 1-800-672-5390
  • Business customers: 1-888-537-424
  • Technical support: 1-877-453-1304
  • Mobile plan shopping: 1-877-413-5903

If you are calling outside the United States then you will dial the following number.


How to Get Online Help?

Looking for T-Mobile online help? Have you visited T-Mobile support page? Here is the link to the T-Mobile support page.

You just have to visit the support page. Once you are there, choose the topic that you think relates to the problem you are having. There are five topics from which you can choose one. The topics are accounts, coverage, plans, devices, and community.

You can also visit Community Support Board where you can participate in discussions. Sometimes, the question, a customer wants to ask, is already answered by someone else. Here is the link to the Community Support Board.

T-Mobile Handset Short Codes

There are some T-Mobile handset short codes using which you can get different tasks done.

#BAL# – To inquire about your account balance

#MIN# – For your minute use for the current billing cycle

#MSG# – Your message use

How to File a Complaint with Live Chat?

Following are the two ways to file a complaint

  • Live Chat
  • Twitter help

Live Chat

Using T-mobile live chat option is easy. All you need to do is visit the link given below

When you go to the link given above, you will Contact Us link on the page. You can call anytime between 3 am and 10 pm.

Twitter Help

Do you know about the T-mobile Twitter help service? Filing complaint through Twitter is very easy. You just have to tweet the problem you are having to @TMobileHelp

You can also find Twitter on Facebook. Here is the link


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