6 Simple Ways to Create Word Documents Online

Create Word Documents Online

I have been using Microsoft Word since 1998 to create documents. It is, no doubt, world’s most popular software application that comes with Microsoft Office suite. We can create almost any kind of documents such as letters, project documents and complex reports with advanced functionalities including tables, pictures, charts, spelling and grammar check. In some situations, you may not want to buy and keep the full Microsoft suite. In this article, we will show you how to create word documents online without having Microsoft Office suite or even without Microsoft Word.

So, If you want to create text documents online, then there are a lot of free and paid Microsoft Word alternatives which can facilitate you to create your letters and other project documents easily and quickly. You can not only create documents online but also can save on cloud storage offered by these online documents creators.

How to create a Word document without Microsoft Office Word

You cannot buy and install Microsoft Word separately because It comes with full suite of Microsoft Office. Here is a list of some great alternatives providing advanced features to create documents online easily and quickly.


Docs.com Online Word ProcessorWith Docs.com, you can not only create professional PowerPoint slideshows, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Office Mix and PDF documents but also share with your friends and family on social media site Facebook. Docs.com is Microsoft’s alternative to online Office with Facebook integration. You can create, save, edit and view documents online easily even without having Microsoft Office on your device. Docs.com is also integrated with Microsoft Office, so a user can edit documents by switching their documents from Docs.com to Microsoft Office and then save to its original location on Docs.com.

Docs.com was designed for students on Facebook while the similar product Microsoft Office Live is for the business community.

To create Docs.com documents, just follow these simple steps.

  • Open your favorite browsers such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and type Docs.com in the address bar to open the website
  • Now, Sign in Docs.com using your Facebook account information.
  • At the top of the screen, a menu with four options will appear: “Home”, “My Docs”, “Friend’s Docs” and “Add a Doc”. Please select the latter.
  • After sign in, you can see four basic options on the top of the screen including Home, My Docs, Friend’s Docs and Add a Doc
  • You can see a blank page just like Word. Start typing your text, insert images and charts to create your first documents.
  • At the end, simply save your document online in your account.
Docs.com Sign in Login Screen
Docs.com Sign in Login Screen

As we mentioned above, Docs.com is created by Microsoft for its online individuals so it has all the basic functionalities of Microsoft Office Word such as spell check, charts, tables and a lot of other useful features.

Zoho Writer

ZOHO Word Alternative OnlineZoho Writer is a great word processor online accessible almost on all the devices. Its office suite has the complete range of web-based office products such as online word processor, spreadsheet, calendar along with other business-oriented programs. The Zoho Write is a very popular online application because of its user-friendly interface and a wide range of functionalities. The user can create and save documents online and can access anywhere without any hesitation.

No doubt, Zoho Write is a perfect Microsoft Word alternative. It has all the basic and advanced features you need to create documents from student assignments to business documents. For example, text features include bold, italic and underline, text color and text background color change options, fonts and text size options, header footer and links facilities, photos and table options etc.

Zoho Writer offers free as well as paid account options for its users. The free account allows users to upload up to 1 GB data while paid account offers unlimited data. The paid subscription will cost you $3 to $5/month.

Google Drive

Create Document Online with Google DriveCreating a Word document online is very easy with Google Drive. If you have an account with Google, then you can use this online application. Google Drive allows users to store and access digital data such as documents, photos, and videos anywhere from any device. You can also create Word documents online easily and quickly with Google Drive. Just follow these simple steps to create your text documents.

  • First of all, sign in to your Google account. If you do not have an account with Google, create to access Google Drive.
  • Next, click “Drive” located at the top of the screen as shown in the screenshot.
  • Now, click “Create” button and choose your desired document type from the available options including document, presentation, drawing, spreadsheet etc.
  • Finally, choose Documents to open a blank word document page. Now you can write text, insert tables and images to create your documents online.
  • You can now save your documents to your Google Drive account.

“Untitled document” is the default name of the document but you can rename it by clicking the title located at the top of the page. Go to “File” mane and click “Rename”. To download your document anywhere, just login to your Google Drive account.

ThinkFree Online

ThinkFree OfficeThinkFree is another useful online word processor offers paid as well as the free account with limited storage space. User can create and save up to 1GB of data with free account while paid account offers unlimited storage facility. It is web-based application so you can access using any web browser on any device having an internet connection. ThinkFree lets users create, edit and save word documents easily and quickly without any hesitation.

To create word documents online with ThinkFree, just go to their website by clicking the link here. Create your account or sign in with your existing Google account. The interface is very simple and user-friendly. You can easily create your documents with simple tools and visible features.


A lot of online users prefer Shutterb.org because of its one-click document creation ability. It is very simple even kids can create documents easily and quickly. Shutterb.org is an online word processor available for free for users around the world. The user can create and edit documents online, edit HTML web pages, create and edit PDF document files online easily. To create a word document with Shutterb.org, just go to the website and follow the instructions.


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