How to Delete All Facebook Messages at Once

Delete Facebook Messages

Facebook has more than two billion subscribers around the world. You not only can send messages to your friends but receives messages from them. Some people send and receive more messages than others and then they want to delete their Facebook messages. We will show you how you can delete your Facebook messages at once.

Many of us have been using Facebook for years. They know how to do almost anything on Facebook. For instance, you can scroll through social media feeds and choose what you want to follow. Your friends send you messages and you know where to go to view and reply those messages. Facebook has made it easy for users to manage their profiles. You will not face any problem managing your profile. The procedure of uploading and videos and images is also very easy. But still, there are people who don’t know how to delete Facebook messages.

One thing is clear that Facebook kept this option hidden mainly because of the way their messaging feature is set up. Now there are ways to delete all your Facebook messages at once but it is difficult to say anything about their effectiveness. Let’s have a look at the options do you have.

  • 3rd Party Extensions: There are some 3rd party extensions that can do the job. You may find deleting messages one by one a very time-consuming activity. But these extensions will add a page action to your Facebook messages. One problem with these extensions is that they don’t work as they should after some time because of bugs.
  • Delete by conversation: You better delete your messages conversation by conversation because of the problems that come with using third-party extensions. This is the best method recommended by many. Keep reading to learn about more useful tips.

Facebook Messages

Facebook and Facebook Messenger

When Facebook started, Facebook Messenger was not available separately but now it is. You can still use Facebook Messenger from the main Facebook site. But now smartphone users install Facebook Messenger app. According to many, Facebook has done the right thing by making it available separately. Now Facebook Messenger is a commonly used messaging app. As stated above, you can use Facebook Messenger from the Facebook page. We will show you how to delete messages in your inbox from the Facebook web page.

Deleting Facebook Messages

People use third-party extensions to delete Facebook messages. In this article, we will be talking about those extensions. We have seen that people have a lot of questions regarding the third party extensions some of which we have tried to answer above. There are some extensions which may not be compatible with your favorite Internet browser. Most of the extensions are compatible with most of the web browsers but the problem comes when extensions are not updated. Google Chrome is recommended by social media experts because of its broad range of extensions and open platform. If you

You can surely find an extension you need on the Google Chrome Web Store. The extension you should be looking for is “Facebook – Delete All Messages”. Remember, apps are different from extensions. The best thing about the extension “Facebook – Delete All Messages” is that it is free. You just have to add the extension to your browser by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button. Remember, this is not an official Facebook extension.

There is no need to use any third party extension if you can delete messages conversation by conversation. You can simply delete the entire conversation with friends. Many of you must be saying, what’s wrong with using the Facebook extension. The only problem with Facebook extension we talked about above is that it is a third party extension and not Facebook’s official extension. So, there may be some security holes we don’t know at the moment. Whatever the nature of your Facebook messages, you need to be very careful before you trust any third party extension.

Use your Web browser to view your Facebook inbox and there you will see contacts on the left side. You simply have to select the contact whose messages you want to delete. When you select the contact, then you can choose your next action which is “delete messages” or “delete conversation.”

This is how you can delete your Facebook messages at once easily and quickly without even using any third party extension. We are not stopping you from using third-party extensions but we are just warning you about the problems that you may have to face because of using unofficial or third-party extensions.

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