How to Post, Report and Delete Comments on Instagram

Edit and delete Instagram comments

Instagram is an online social networking platform which we use to stay connected with our friends and family members. We will show you how to post, report and delete a comment on Instagram. Post your beautiful selfie on Instagram and your friends from different parts of the world will like it and comment on it. If you don’t know how to post a comment then don’t worry we will show you how to do it. Have you ever been in the situation when you post a comment on Instagram and then you suddenly realize that you must delete your comment for one reason or the other?

If your answer is yes then you should know that it happens to almost everyone who uses a social media site. We often find an embarrassing post on social media and in the very next post they ask if there is any way to delete their post.

Facebook and Instagram keep updating their apps. Sometimes, after an update, we notice that some functions have been changed. It is possible that previously you find it easy to delete your Facebook post but now all the sudden you cannot find that option. Below, we will show you how to delete or modify a comment.

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Posting Instagram Comments

If you are an Instagram user, you should know that there are a lot of people commenting on photos. Instagram has acquired an immense popularity in a very short period of time. The app allows you post photos as well as comment on the photos posted by other people. It is equally important for you to know how to delete or modify a comment. Sometimes there are moments when you feel the need to delete your own comments. Posting a comment on Instagram is very easy. For instance, there is a picture you want to comment on. There is a comment button below the picture pressing which allows you type your comment. You can post text and emoji.

Reporting Instagram Comments

Is there an Instagram comment, you would like to report for abuse or violation of the Instagram guidelines? There is a way to delete and report abuse of any comment. You can delete your own comments only and if there is anything you don’t like about others’ comments you can only report it. This is how you can report Instagram comments.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Go to the photos below which you saw the comment you think you should report.
  • Below the picture, you will find a small comment button. Touch the button and go to the comment you want to report.
  • Once you are there, swipe left on the comment and touch the more arrow.
  • There you will select that you want to report the comment.

Deleting Instagram Comments

There is a way to delete your Instagram comment you regret posting. As stated above, you cannot delete other users’ comments. You are only allowed to delete your own comments. This is how to do it.

  • Launch the Instagram app
  • You need to go to the comment you want to delete.
  • Touch on the little comment bubble below the picture.
  • Go to your comment and swipe left
  • At the right side, you should see a small trash can
  • Touch it to delete the comment.


To delete Instagram comments on iOS devices, follow these simple steps

  1. In the first step, tap  icon located below the photo
  2. Just swipe it to the left over the comment you want to delete
  3. Finally, tap  icon to delete the comment.


To delete Instagram comments on Android devices, follow these simple steps.

  • In the first step, tap  icon located below the photo
  • Just swipe it to the left over the comment you want to delete
  • Finally, tap  icon to delete the instragram comments on Android phones

How do I delete a comment? | Instagram Help Center
Tap Android. Tap below the photo. Tap the comment you’d like to delete. You can tap multiple comments if you want to delete more than one comment at the same time. Tap at the top of the screen.

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