How to Delete Your Kik Account on Android

Delete Kik Account

Kik allows you delete your account if you no longer wish to use it. The process of deleting your Kik account will not take long. You will have to remove Kik app from your Android device. You may find this process different and unheard of as compared to deleting other accounts. Read also: Amazing tips for Kik profile.

Removing Kik App from Android

To delete Kik account on Android, just follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Kik app and go to Settings and then Your Account.
  • Click “Reset Kik Messenger”
  • Now close the app
  • Go to Settings in your Android phone
  • Touch Apps
  • Locate and click Kik from the list of apps

Deleting Your Kik Messenger Account

  • Go to Settings in your Android phone
  • Touch Apps
  • Find Kik in the list of apps and touch it
  • There you will confirm to remove the app

Confirming to Remove the Kik App

You will click Ok button at the bottom right side to confirm that you want to delete Kik.

  • Go to Android Settings
  • Next, you will touch Apps
  • Locate and delete the Kik Messenger App
  • Confirm to Remove the Kik App

Ask Someone to Help You Cancel Your Kik Account

There should not be any problem deleting your Kik account if you follow the instruction given above. After deleting the Kik account, there is a way to make sure that the Account is deleted. You can take help from someone like your friend. Just ask your friend to send you a message to your Kik account. You will be notified that you have pending messages. You will not receive the message because you have deleted the Kik app. So, where the message will go? The message will be delivered to your email address. It is the same email address you linked with Kik.

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