How to Download Kik for Android Devices

Kik for Android

Sending a message with Kik is not only free but also fun. But you can only have this fun if you download the app first to your Android device. Many instant messaging apps have been launched over the past few years and Kik is also one of them. Basically, Kik is a lot more than just an instant messaging app because it allows you share photos, send videos, images, and memes. These are the features of the app which make it one of the best apps of its kind.

Download Kik on Android

You can get Kik on Android within seconds if you follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to Google Play Store on your device.
  • Use the search bar to search Kik in the Play Store.
  • Kik will be shown in the search results and next to the app is a green colored Install button.
  • Install the app by clicking the green colored button.
  • You will have to accept the App Permissions by clicking Accept.
  • Wait for the installation procedure to complete and when it does you can open the app.

Pre-requisites for Android

Following are system requirements for your Android.

  • Latest 6 or up
  • Connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data will be used.
  • 4MB free space.

What Are Kik Terms & Services?

Kik will not install on your Android unless you accept Kik terms and services. You must click the “I Agree” button. Make sure that you read terms and services carefully. Many people ignore the terms and service and go on to press the “I Agree” button. If you still don’t want to read terms of service then we have listed some of the important points below so that you know what you agree to when you press “I Agree” button.

You Are Responsible for What You Post

Kik wants you to take responsibility for everything you post. When you agree to the terms and services it means to give your consent that you will not send content which is abusive or vulgar, or pornographic or harmful.

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Your Information is Gathered

You should know that Kik Messenger gets information about you and your Android device. It wants to know the kind of device you are using and your personal information like your name.

Using Your Personal Information

By agreeing to Kik terms and services, you let them use your personal information. But Kik will not, at least this is what they say, sell your information to anyone.

Create a Free Kik Account

Read the following and sign up for free.

  • Type your first name in the first text fields
  • In the second field, you will type your last name.
  • Next, you will choose your screen name.
  • Now provide your email address
  • You will see password text field. Type the password you want to use for Kik.
  • Take a photo by yourself by taking the respective button.
  • Finally, when you are done, click Register button.

Login to Kik

Logging into Kik is easy if you have already created an account. Also, read Kik login guide.

  • Touch the “Log In” button from the home page.
  • In the first field, you will type your screen name
  • In the second field, you will enter your password.
  • To sign in, press the Next button.

Find Friends on Kik

When you first use the app it requires your permission use your address book. to Kik is a smart app and it automatically syncs the address book of your Android device. From your address book, you can easily find your friends on Kik.

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