How to Logout Of Kik Messenger

Kik Logout

You are logged into your Kik Messenger app on your smartphone all the time and you don’t login each time you want to use Kik. When you close Kik app, you are not logged out. But there must be sometimes when you would want to log out of Kik. For instance, you are trying to sleep at night and then you start getting messages. So you decided to log out of Kik so that you may sleep with a peaceful mind.

In this article, we will show you how to logout of Kik quickly and easily. People who developed the Kik app don’t want you to log out of it and this is why they haven’t made the log out option apparent.

Below we have shown how to logout of Kik.

Save Your Kik Messages

You better save your Kik messages first before you logout of Kik. Just check if you have a backup of all of your Kik messages. Kik is available for iOS and Android platforms. Which phone do you have? Keep reading for more information.

For iPhone users, if the chat is within 48 hours, they can see the most recent one thousand messages. They will see the latest five hundred messages in case the chat is older than 48 hours. For Android users, if the chat is within 48 hours, they can see the most recent six hundred messages. They will see the last two hundred messages only. You can take screenshots of important messages so you know where to start again. Another way to save the messages is using the copy and paste technique. Simply touch the message you want to copy and then touch the copy button.

Keep one thing in mind that your Kik messages are not saved on Kik server. So, it means once they are gone there is no way you can recover them. You will have to jailbreak your iPhone to download all your messages. We will never recommend you jailbreak your device because it will put your phone at a great risk.

Logging Out of Kik

If you want a short break then you can consider logging out of Kik. We will show you different options you can use to get what you want. Make sure you know your password when you want to login back to Kik. There is nothing wrong in logging out if you doing so because you don’t want to respond to the messages you are receiving from your friends. But if you are being bullied or harassed by another Kik user then report that Kik user and appropriate action will be taken against that person.

We will show you two options. After using these options, you will be left with no previous messages.

  • Launch the app, and go to the ‘Settings’ → ‘Your Account’ → ‘Reset Kik’. You have just reset the Kik app. Now your app looks like as you have just downloaded it on your phone.
  • Deleting the app from your phone is the second option you can use to logout of Kik. Long-press the app on your phone and a small cross will appear on the screen. Touch that cross to delete the app. Android users can delete Kik from the App Manager in Settings.

Before you use the above-stated options, read all your messages because you will not get this opportunity once you have used the above options.

Log Out of Kik Remotely

Sometimes we can’t find our phone and then fear that it will get into wrong hands. In a situation like this, we may want to log out of Kik. Now the question is how you can logout without using your phone. Well, you cannot use your phone but you can borrow a phone from your brother or friend or someone else. Make sure that phone you use doesn’t have Kik installed on it. If it has then you can only open your Kik account after logging into it first. And logging into Kik means losing all the Kik messages which the person you borrowed the phone from may not like.

When you sign in to your Kik account, you will automatically logged out of your account on all the other devices including your own phone. This is how you can log out of Kik remotely and protect your account from being used by someone else.

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