How to Play Minecraft on PC and Mac Online

Play Minecraft PC Mac

Untangled guide to learn how to play Minecraft on PC and Mac easily and quickly with step by step guide.

Minecraft is the best game but sometimes it just doesn’t fit with a 5 or 6-inch smartphone screen. And then we start thinking about playing the game on a bigger screen. Do you want to play your favorite game Minecraft online on PC or Mac? Your smartphone is a small device and it has its own limitations. But a PC or Mac, on the other hand, is far better than a smartphone. You can’t imagine the fun you are missing by not playing Minecraft on your PC or Mac. Those who have invested heavily on their personal computers or Mac should seriously think about playing Minecraft online. Once you have started playing games on your PC or Mac, you will then realize what you have been missing.

Minecraft is a kind of game you would love to play all the time without taking a break. This is why most of the Minecraft users are addicted to it. There are many players who play the game online for hours uninterrupted. Currently, there is no online version of Minecraft available. But there is a way around. Now we will show you how to play Minecraft online. The game is available for most of the platforms. The most popular platforms of the game are Android and iPhone. Keeping the increasing popularity of the game in view we can say that Minecraft online version will be available sooner or later. Read also cool Minecraft secrets and tips.

PC version of Minecraft was first made available in 2009. But it is difficult to say when Minecraft online version will be available. Do you know what the word online means? Well, when we say online, it means you can use any computer in the world to access your data which is stored on a server somewhere. In this way, you will not be bound to use your own computer to access your data.

Playing Minecraft Online

We will be using an Android emulator. For those who don’t know what Android emulator is should know that it is software that makes the app believe that it is being run on the Android operating system but in reality, the app is being run on an operating system other than Android. Most of the emulators are first downloaded and installed and then used. But what if we tell you that there is a way to get the job done without even downloading and installing the emulator.

Using an Android emulator means you must have a Google Play account. The Android device must be linked to your Google Play Account. It may be a problem for those who have been using Apple devices and never owned an Android device. We will be using an online Android emulator. When we say online it means you don’t have to download it on your system. It will run through an Internet browser. The online emulator we will be using is Manymo.

Read the instructions given below to play Minecraft online

  • Do you have a Google Play account? If you don’t then create one and it should be linked with an Android device. Once you have created a Google Play account then you can download the apk file of the app to use on the online emulator. Those who don’t have an Android account can borrow one from someone because without registering an Android device it won’t work.
  • Now your Google Play Account has been setup. Go to Google Play and search for Minecraft. You will download the Minecraft app on your computer desktop and the same will be used with the online emulator.
  • Next, you will sign up for a Manymo account. After signing up, you will select emulator screen size.
  • There is an option at the upper right side to launch the emulator with an app. When you click on it, you will be prompted to upload the app you want to open. Now is the time to open the .apk file you downloaded earlier to play Minecraft. You will upload the app and it will launch an emulator to get started.
  • Now login to your Minecraft account using your login credentials and you are good to go. Now you can play Minecraft on PC and Mac without any hesitation.

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