How to Reset The Roku Device

Reset Roku

Reset Roku Guide. The Roku is a smart device of its kind. It is mainly used known for its ability to replace cable TV. There are many features of the device that make it the first choice of so many people. The device is perfect from all sides but there is only one problem. It often happens that the device is working perfectly and then suddenly it freezes. Are you experiencing the same issue? Sometimes Roku just doesn’t start properly.

A soft reset can solve the problems mentioned above. If the problems still persist then we are left with one option, a hard reset.

  1. Soft Reset Roku

Performing a soft reset is just like a restart. It will not affect your data or setting.

From Remote

You can also use the remote control to reset the device. Press the following buttons.

  • There is a “Home” button on your device which you will press 5 times.
  • Press the “Up” button once.
  • Now press “Rewind” two times.
  • Press fast forward button two times.

For Roku 4

Home screen → Settings → System → Power → System Restart

For Roku 3 & Lower

  • Locate a reset button on the rear side of the device.
  • You can use a paper clip to long-press (at least two seconds) the button and then release it. Your Roku should reset successfully.

Power Pull

You have performed a soft reset but the problem still persists. Now you need to disconnect the power cable and keep it disconnected for at least twenty seconds and then reconnect it.

  1. Hard Reset

Before you perform a hard reset, you should know that performing a hard reset means you will lose all your data and settings.

Via Menu

Sometimes a hard reset can do the trick. When you perform a hard reset, you will actually reset your device to the factory settings.

From the home screen, you need to follow one of the following depending on your Roku model.

  • Home Screen → System → Advanced System Settings →Factory Reset
  • Home Screen → Factory Reset → Factory Reset → Yes

If You Have Older Versions of the Device

  • First of all, you need to remove all the cables attached to the device except the Power cable.
  • Locate a Reset button on the rear side of the device. Now long-press (at least fifteen seconds) the button using a paperclip and then release it.
  • Now hold the Reset button and then disconnect the power cable from the device.
  • Now hold the Reset button they re-connect all the cables the way they were before performing the hard reset.

You should see setup process screen.

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