Schedule Instagram Posts

Schedule Instagram Posts

Schedule Instagram Posts: Instagram has become a popular image sharing app and currently, there are more than six hundred million Instagram users around the world. Facebook, the owner of Instagram, remains the top social media site with more than one and half billion users worldwide. Instagram is an ideal platform where you can share your beautiful pictures with your friends and family members. It will not be wrong to say that we are addicted to Instagram.

Basically, social media sites like Instagram have made it easy for us to share images with others. Now we use our smartphones to capture beautiful moments of our life and then share them with others through Instagram. You must have noticed that you sometimes, because of your busy schedule, you cannot use Instagram. There are people who wait for your Instagram posts but they don’t know what you are dealing with at your office. This is a kind of situation when we start thinking about scheduling our Instagram posts. Well, you will be disappointed to know that Instagram does not allow you schedule your Instagram posts. Instagram doesn’t want you to use Instagram APIs to post automated content.

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They do so because they want you to share things as they happen. But we will tell you about some amazing apps which you can use to schedule your Instagram posts. When you create an Instagram account, you agree to their API terms of use according to which you cannot use Instagram APIs. But there are still some apps which you can use without worrying about anything. You have a lot of fun when you take a photo, post it and then wait to see the response. It is fun to see who likes and comments. On the other hand, when you use third party apps to post automated content, you miss a lot of fun.

Third Party Apps for Scheduling Instagram Posts


Schedule Instagram Posts with LatergrammeLatergramme is a free app and it is available on almost all the platforms. There is also a paid version of the app. If you are using the free version of Latergramme, you can manage two Instagram accounts. The free version allows 30 posts a month. Go for the paid version if you want to manage more than two Instagram accounts and want unlimited posts. You will be using the app as to schedule your posts and manage your accounts. Latergramme will not post but you will receive reminders and then you will do the posting yourself.

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Schedule Instagram Posts with OnlypultOnlypult offers 1-week free trial. You can try using the free version to see if it has what you are looking for. If we talk about the paid version, there are four plans starting from $12/mo to $65/mo.



With ScheduGram you can upload a number of photos and videos at a time. This is the feature which makes it different from the other two discussed above. They offer the free trial for a week. The paid version of ScheduGram will cost you $20/month. Remember, unlike the two discussed above, ScheduGram will let you do posting for only one Instagram account. If you want to do posting for more than one Instagram account then you will have to buy more than one ScheduGram accounts. ScheduGram will also do the posting for you.

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Last but not the least is TakeOff. You can download and install the app on your Apple and Android devices. The best thing about this app is that it also includes some analysis of posts. TakeOff not only tells you when to post but also suggests hashtags. Free version of TakeOff is available. If you want to use the paid version, it starts from $10 a month. The app is mainly used for managing and scheduling posts.

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