Check My Mobile Phone Number

Check Mobile Number

Bought a new mobile phone and have forgotten your number? No problem there is a way to find out your phone number. This process of finding the number is not just for a new phone, you can follow this process if you are trying to reactivate an older phone. There always a code that is used to access the phone number but this code varies from phone to phone. Here is the step by step process you need to follow if you want to find out the phone number of your phone.

To Check Your Mobile Phone Number

If you want to check your mobile number, just follow these simple steps.

  • The mobile phone itself can be used to find the phone number. For instance, if you are a BlackBerry user, you can find your phone number listed on the menu. If using any other phone you will have to navigate through the menu settings and you will click on either “Contacts” or “Security.” To look up the location of the phone number, read this article.
  • Punch *#100# on your phone to know your number. There is always a manual that comes with the phone packed in the box. You can use that manual to find what you are looking for.
  • Remove the battery and locate the IMEI number on the base of the device. It is a series of numbers. Write down this number carefully and go to your mobile service provider and ask him to access your account using IMEI number. You mobile service provider can easily tell you the current or previous number attached to the phone.
  • Today everything is online. You can also visit your local cellular provider and ask him to look into the system to check the phone number.

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