How to Enable Disable IGMP Snooping

IGMP Snooping

Ever heard of IGMP? It is an advanced option on the majority of the routers. In this article, you will learn how exactly IGMP Snooping actually works. You will also be able to learn how and when to use it. This article is written in very simple words and no technical terms have been used in it. The main objective of writing this article is to make the IGMP Snooping as simple as possible for the readers.


In simple words, we can say that once you have enabled IGMP, your access point starts acting as mailman or gate for the multicast traffic. Some networks have a lot of multicast traffic and the result is poor performance of the entire network. IGMP Snooping can be very helpful in this regard. It is the job of the router to decide which devices will receive the applicable multicast traffic in order to improve the overall performance of the network. But, as stated above, this situation is true for networks having plenty of multicasts traffics. IGMP Snooping is not recommended for networks having little or almost no multicast traffic.

Enable/Disable IGMP Snooping

If you are like those who use streaming or mirroring from their devices to stream to Apple TV, enabling IGMP Snooping will be a good decision. You should also know that enabling IGMP Snooping can often fix Apple TV Airplay mirroring issues in brand firmware like Asus.

Finally, to conclude, we can say that leaving the IGMP Snooping option as disabled will be a good decision if you are not using mirroring functions. It will be useless to enable IGMP Snooping because it will do no good other than wasting some of the processing power.

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