Best Alternatives to Imgur: Similar Image Hosting Sites

Imgur Alternatives

An educational guide to discover best Imgur alternatives for hosting and sharing your images on the web and mobile easily and quickly for free.

Imgur is a well-known image hosting site. It was launched in 2008 and is known as the top image sharing community on the Web. The founder of the service Alan Schaaf also serves the company as its chief executive officer. Alan developed the site when he was a student at Ohio University. Imgur gained popularity shortly after its launch. Now it is the first choice of millions of people when they need to share a picture, meme or GIF. You don’t have to pay anything to use Imgur. It is free for everyone.

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You may not find any solid reasons to search for other sites like Imgur. But still, it is good to know about other image hosting sites like Imgur. It is possible that those sites are offering something Imgur doesn’t. Imgur mainly attracts people because it is free to use. By offering the free service the company has ensured the equality among users. Some of you may be wondering why we need to know other sites like Imgur. Ultimate Photoshop Alternatives for Android Phone

Well, there are a few reasons why we want you to know about other image hosting services. In Imgur, when an image greater than 1 MB is compressed the quality of the image is compromised. Next, there are no editing features in Imgur so users search for other sites that offer editing features. One more thing, you take a picture and upload it on imgur but you will not get the ownership of the image. Hope now you know why we want you to know about the top alternatives to Imgur.


ImageShack Image Hosting

ImageShack was launched in 2003 as image hosting website. The website was originally founded as a free service and users were able to upload images for free but in 2014 it started operating as a subscription-based service. It supports popular image file formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. You can upload as much image as you want and your high-resolution photos are stored in the cloud. So, you don’t have to worry about the storage space. You will need to sign up first for the service before you start uploading the images. You can also sign in using your Facebook account.



Next image hosting website is Postimage. As it is clear from the name ‘Postimage’ that it is an image hosting site just like Imgur. You simply access the site at ‘’ and then start uploading your images. There you will see choose image button. Click the button to upload the images from your system. On the main page of the site you will see an option which allows you choose expiration period of the image you upload. Postimage also has plugins which you can use. You will also get a deletion link using which you can delete an image from the server.



TinyPic is a popular photo and image sharing service founded in 2004. It lets you resize your images. You can resize your image by simply clicking the resize drop down menu and then select your desired option from the list.  At the top of the site, you can see tabs like ‘image’ and ‘videos’. You can use these tabs to search images and videos. TinyPic has countless images and videos to offer. TinyPic is owned by Photobucket. The site does not require registration. It supports formats like Tiff, jpg, gif, and png.



UltraIMG is one of the best image sharing sites because of the number of features it offers. The site requires you to create an account first if you want to unlock all the features. Some of the popular features of UltraIMG are Albums, Galleries, social networking sharing etc. Once you become a registered user, you can create your own profile which also means you will be having your own URL. You will simply need to access your profile to see your pictures. When you create your profile you enter your username, email, website, password protection, and social networks integration. You will also have your avatar and profile background image.

UltraIMG also offers plug-ins support and it supports image file formats like GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP. In addition, you will get unlimited storage.



It looks like the developers of FunkyIMG like to keep things simple and straight. You will feel the same if you just visit FunkyIMG. The site uses drag and drop so you can simply drag the image and drop it on the specified space on the site. There is also a browse button by clicking which you can upload the images. Once your images are uploaded you will get different links and embedding codes for your picture. FunkyIMG claims to have hosted more than nineteen million images. There are some additional features such as you can resize your images. You can also add watermark to your images.


Most of the image hosting sites we talked about above are well established and well known. Some of them started operating in the early 2000s. But there are some new names in our list and Veuwer is one of them. As we said, that, Veuwer is a new image hosting service so many of you may not have heard about it before. It mainly attracts users because it offers transparency. When you access the site you can see the Transparency tab on the site. more>


You can use Imgreview if you are looking for an alternative to Imgur. Imgreview is not a widely known image hosting site but still, it is a very good option to consider. The site also allows you search images from other users based on your preferences. It has some really great features such as it lets you extract text from images. Soon you will get to see new features in Imgreview.

Sites like Imgur for Photographers

There is no doubt that Imgur is a great platform for pictures but it is not ideal for photographers and artists. People visit Imgur in search of GIFs, and memes. If you are a photographer then we will tell you about some other sites like Imgur. These sites offer some really cool features for photographers such as advanced editing tools, ownership of pictures and top quality of uploads. Let’s have a look at them.


Flickr Share Images

Flickr, founded in 2004 in Canada, is a widely used image and video hosting service. It is the best website for you if you are a photographer. But it does not mean that it is for photographers only. Yahoo-owned Flickr requires you to register first in order to use the service. Currently, Flickr is hosting billions of photos. If you want to make your photos available to people who matter to you then Flickr is the right place to start from. Flickr has made organizing photos and videos easy. There is a feature named ‘Discover’ using which you can see pictures from various parts of the world.



500px is an online community of photographers. It is a popular photography platform online. Photographers around the world love to be a part of this photography community. Join 500px now and explore incredible photos from around the world. There are categories of people, nature, landscape, and animal. If you want to connect with photographers around the world then 500px is the place to start from. When you follow other photographers on 500px you will see their latest photos in your home feed.


Next site like Imgur for photographers and artists is DevianArt. We said for photographers and artists but it is mainly for artists. DevianArt was developed in 2000. If you have love for art then DevianArt is for you. There are a lot of categories like digital art, artisan craft, literature, fan art, and motion books etc. more


SmugMug Similar to Imgur

Last but not the least is SmugMug. We cannot compare SmugMug with the other two 500px and DevianArt but still, it is a good alternative to Imgur for photographers. Founded in 2002, SmugMug is a paid photo sharing site and image hosting service. SmugMug also allows you put your pictures on sale. It also offers a free trial and if you like the features then you can go buy the subscription.

Now you know that there are plenty of sites like Imgur. So, visit the sites and see if they have something new and different to offer you.

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