IMO for PC Free Download Online

IMO for PC Free Download

Learn how to download and use IMO for PC Windows computers for all Windows versions including Windows 10, 7, Vista and XP free online apk app. Just follow our step by step guide to get IMO on your PC easily and quickly.

IMO is now commonly used mobile app which people use to stay in touch with their loved ones. Your phone will use mobile data or it must be connected to Wi-Fi if you want to make calls or send messages. But now people have started using IMO on their PCs. Using IMO on PC is fun because it has a large display. When you make a video call on PC, you can watch the person on a big screen which seems more exciting.

You must have used IMO on your Android and Apple devices but in this article, we will show you how to use IMO for PC. Originally, IMO is video call service but it also offers text messaging just like Skype. People mainly know IMO as a video client and they don’t think of it as a messenger. A few years back, we only had Skype but now we have plenty of options and IMO is also one of them. It will not be wrong to say that IMO has been successful in attracting people because of the features it offers. The text messaging service of IMO is just an extra feature you get because the majority of the people take IMO as a video client. The text messaging feature is often ignored by the users.

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Download IMO for Windows PC

Below we have listed the process of downloading IMO for Windows.

  • First off, download IMO for PC from the IMO website on your PC. Here is the link.

Access the page in your browser then scroll down and find the download button Click the download button to and it will start downloading on your system. You should know where the downloaded file is located.

  • Next, you will download and install Bluestacks on your PC. Bluestacks is Android emulator.
  • Now open the Bluestacks and provide your email id and password
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • When Bluestacks has finished downloading, open it and search IMO.
  • Open IMO from the search results and install it.
  • Once IMO is installed on your Windows PC, you can enjoy video calling your friends.

IMO Features

imo appYou will be surprised to know that IMO started as a text messaging service and later added video calling service. We never heard about IMO until it launched the video calling service. We can say that it is the video calling service which made the app popular worldwide. People who developed the app keep improving it. They keep fixing the bugs to make sure that it works smoothly.

You must be wondering there is so many video calling apps and services then why you should use IMO. Well, you have a valid question. There are some reasons why you should prefer IMO over other apps of its kind such as Skype. If you are Skype user, then perhaps it is the time to try something new and different. IMO is regularly updated and there are millions of people around the world who use it. Transmission speed and data usage are the two main features of the app. IMO transmits data much faster than its competitor apps and it is not heavy in your pocket because of its low data usage.

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If you are using 2G Internet with little data usage, you can still use its video calling feature. You will be happy to know that IMO for PC is available in multiple languages such as French, Russian, Japanese, Korean Swedish, Hindi and much more. You can choose the language you understand. If you cannot find the language you want, then you better keep the default language which is English.

Now you can use your PC for all your messaging needs. But make sure that the person you want to send the message is also on IMO. In addition, you can add color to your messages by using stickers. Privacy Protection of the app is way better than other apps.

IMO Android & iOS Apps

Download IMO for Android and iOS from Google Play and App Store. imo free video calls and chat Android Apps on Google Play. With IMO, you can easily send messages and make video calls to your friends and family for free, Make high-quality video and voice calls on Android and iPhone. Please share your views about IMO for PC Windows computer free download online step by step guide.

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