Instagram App for iPad: Download and Alternatives

Instagram for iPad

Learn how to get Instagram for iPad easily and quickly with step by step guide. Instagram is popular image sharing app used worldwide. Your friends and family members share their beautiful pictures on Instagram. The app is meant to be used on smartphones. What you would say if we tell you that there is a way to use the app on iPad. When you view pictures on the large screen of iPad you don’t have to zoom in. This is why tablets like iPad are ideal if you have a lot of pictures to show someone. You just have to swipe left or right and there is no need to zoom in. Before, you start using Instagram on iPad you will have to download and install Instagram on your iPad.

Currently, Instagram is available for smartphones like iPhone and Android. But here we are talking about Instagram for iPad. According to Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, they only want to focus on smartphone audience. Here, we are not saying that Instagram will never release an app for tablets. It is possible that they are currently working on the tablet version of the app. What will you do if you want to use Instagram on your iPad? Well, this is why you have landed on this page. We will show you three ways to get the Instagram app for your iPad.

Let’s have a look at those three ways one by one.

iPhone Instagram App on iPad

As you guess, first off we will be downloading the iPhone version of Instagram onto your iPad. This is a commonly used way to install iPhone apps on iPad. Every app is built to be used on certain platforms. Instagram app for iPhone is built keeping iPhone resolution in mind. iPad has the bigger screen and higher resolution. We can fix the resolution issue a little bit.

We will show you how to do it.

  • Turn on your iPad and go to the App Store. You can use one of the following two ways to install Instagram.
  • Go to the App Store and touch the “Purchased” icon at the bottom of the App Store. It will show you the apps you have already purchased. You will see an “iPad Apps” icon at the upper right side and then select iPhone apps. There you will see the apps you have already purchased from the App Store to be used on Apple devices. If you previously purchased Instagram then you will see Instagram listed there.
  • If you don’t find Instagram in the purchased apps then it means you never purchased Instagram. So, we will show you how to get Instagram. At the bottom, you will see Featured tab. Touch it.
  • You will find yourself on the Featured tab. Enter Instagram in the search bar and look for the app in the search results. But you won’t find the Instagram.
  • You will see iPad Only at the upper right side. Touch it and select iPhone Only.
  • Now you should see the Instagram app listed there. The app is released for iPhone and this is the reason is shown when you selected iPhone Only. Start downloading Instagram by clicking the respective button.

Instagram Online on iPad

This is the second way you can use to download and install Instagram on your iPad. We recommend using this option because it can be used on any device. So, you can also use your iPad to login to Instagram online. But you should also know about the problems that come with this method. Using the online version has its limitations such as you cannot take photos and upload them. But you can view, like and comment. If you still want to use Instagram online even after knowing that you won’t be able to upload a photo then read the following instructions.

  • Launch your iPad browser go to address bar and enter
  • You should see the Instagram page. You will see the login button on the screen.
  • Login using your login information i.e. username and password. Make sure that you enter correct username and password. If you don’t remember your password then you can retrieve your password by clicking on the Forgot Password button. You will be following the on-screen instruction to retrieve your password.
  • You should not face any problem logging in.

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Instagram Alternatives for iPad

People often ask about the Instagram alternatives for iPad. Before you go on, keep one thing in mind that Instagram alternatives discussed below will not let you upload a photo or video. But you can view, like, comment or share photos with your friends and loved ones. This is because Instagram decides where you can use the app fully. When we say using the app fully it means users are adding content to the platform. On the other hand when Instagram limits your contribution to the overall platform then you cannot do anything more than likes and comments.

Following are some of the options you can consider if you are looking for Instagram options for iPad.

  • Padgram for iPad
  • Pictacular for iPad

Above, we have listed all the possible options you can use to get the Instagram app on iPad. We will keep sharing new and interesting information about your favorite app Instagram.

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