Instagram iOS 8 & iOS 10 and iPhone 6- Best Tips & Tricks

Instagram iOS 8 & iOS 10 and iPhone 6

Have you recently bought your new iPhone 6 or downloaded the new iOS 8? Many of you must be thinking about the exciting features the recent upgrade brings to Instagram.

In this article, we are going to discuss new features for Instagram iOS 8. You must have a lot of expectations from the newly released iOS 8. You will be happy to know that now capturing photos, sharing photos and viewing photos is a different experience with iOS 8. Don’t be surprised if you find something new and different in your favorite photo-sharing app Instagram.


Facebook-owned Instagram is a widely used photo sharing app. There are many things in the app which keep people stuck with it. When you upload a photo with a caption, you can apply your favorite filter from a number of filters available. There are many other features like photos are square cropped keeping the dimensions intact.

There are many features that made Instagram the most successful app of its kind. Some of the features of the app are very popular. Instagram is easy to use the app. It will not be wrong to say that even a person who never used a smartphone before will learn using the app in a few minutes. Now there are millions of Instagram users around the world and this number keeps increasing. Instagram users are expected to increase in the near future.

Instagram iOS 10.3 Features

The release of the iOS 10.3 is no doubt the much-awaited news for iPhone and iPad users. People were eagerly waiting for this release. Recently, the Instagram 10 version has been released and this version is updated for iOS 10.3. The recent release of Instagram claims to be better than the previous versions. It has everything that you wanted to see in the previous versions. The performance of your favorite image sharing app has been improved significantly. Many users still don’t know about the features of iOS 10.3. You may not find a major difference by just looking at the app but the truth is it has many new and exciting features. When you use the app, you will surely notice a lot of changes and updates.

Other iOS 10.3 Features

It is true that iOS 10.3 is a smaller update but still an important one especially if you own an AirPod. You will surely love the new Find My AirPod feature. Using this feature you can find your new Apple wireless earbuds case. You must be saying that ok, I got it what else. There are some other small improvements in the iOS 10.3. People also love Siri which can now do many things such as checking pending bills on payment apps, scheduling ridesharing trips and monitoring your car locks.

Instagram Hashtag Stickers and Selfie Filters

Have you heard about hashtag stickers? Instagram users will be happy to know that now they can add hashtag stickers to their Instagram stories. Some of you must be saying that they could add a hashtag before. But, previously you were doing it manually. Now customers can click on the See Hashtag prompt. This update will help you achieve your brand awareness goals. People love Hashtag Stickers feature just like they loved the Stories feature.

It looks like Instagram will copy every popular feature of Snapchat. Here, we are talking about Selfie Filters. Instagram has announced eight filters. Previously, Snapchat was known for filters but now you can use these filters on Instagram. There are many things you can do using these filters. There is no doubt that using new Instagram filters is a fun. 

How to Link Instagram to Twitter?

Are you unable to link your Instagram account to Twitter after updating to the newly released iOS 10? We will show you how to link Instagram to Twitter. Read the instructions given below.

  • Once you have updated to iOS 10, go to the Settings.
  • Search Twitter and touch it.
  • There you will see a Delete Account button. Click the button to unlink the account.
  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Go to your Personal Profile and then touch the “Settings” icon, then “Share Settings” and finally “Twitter”.
  • You can relink your account by entering your username and password.
  • Finally, press Done.

First, it will unlink your two accounts and then it will relink them.

Some people are not receiving push notifications after installing the new iOS 10. Are you facing the same issue? If yes then don’t worry there is a way to fix this problem. Just logout of your account and then login again or you can sign up in case you don’t have an account already. You must be using the latest Instagram version 10.3.

Instagram iPhone 6 Features

iPhone 6 became the favorite smartphone of millions of people in a very short period of time. We know that iPhone 6 is one of the best camera phones we can find. You will not believe the photo quality it produces. According to some, it is just like using a DSLR camera. You will surely love using Instagram on the large screen.

Instagram on the larger iPhone 6

iPhone 6, unlike the previous versions, has a bigger screen which simply doubles the fun of using Instagram. Watching photos on the large screen is a different kind of experience. The large screen of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is simple ideal for watching photos and other content. iPhone users are not used to large screens. So there are chances that some iPhone users don’t like the idea of big screen. But 5-inch display has become a standard now. You may feel problems in the beginning but you will get used to it very soon. And once you are used to big screens of iPhone 6 you will love it.

iPhone 6 Camera

There are plenty of features to talk about in iPhone 6. One big improvement in iPhone 6 is its camera. The phone has been received very well. Reviews are good and people have good things to say about iPhone 6. Instagram users know the importance of bigger screens very well. You will surely prefer using iPhone 6 over other phones because it has optical image stabilization which enables you to get clearer pictures. This is a special feature which makes it different from other phones you have seen.

Try taking slow-motion videos with the new camera. You can use the new iPhone 6 camera to create videos for your Instagram account. Taking a number of photos is easy thanks to the burst mode feature of the iPhone 6. Now you can capture happy moments of your life in your iPhone 6.

Top Instagram Tips

Are you new to Instagram? You have done the right thing by signing up on Instagram. The image sharing app is on its way to becoming the most used app by the number of users. In this article, we will show you how to master Instagram. We will offer you some useful tips so that you don’t face any problem when using the app. You must have seen Instagram tags. You will also learn how to respond to Instagram tags. It will help reach your voice to your followers.

  • Do you know that Instagram can play a very important role in promoting your website? One thing you need to keep in mind is that Instagram is a social media platform where you have fun with your friends. So Instagram doesn’t encourage people using this platform to promote their own business. Perhaps, this is the reason Instagram users cannot put a URL in a description of a photo. But there is a way around to get the job done. Simply go to add a location tag to your photo and there you will enter the URL of your site and then press Enter button. This is how it is done.
  • People often ask how they can post a clickable link. Simply go to your profile and add a link to whatever you need to share on Instagram. Next, you will post the image on Instagram and in the description, you can point request the visitors to visit your bio if they want the link to the full information. This is the most used technique you can use to post a clickable link.
  • You posted a picture on Instagram and then you noticed a mistake in the picture. Now you don’t know what you should do. Sometimes we misspell something and don’t know how to correct it. You need to look for “…”. Locate “…” and touch it in order to edit the description. This is a very useful technique if you want to do editing.

In this article, we have tried to offer all the information you may need. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the best smartphones you can find. Now you can enjoy using Instagram on bigger screens.

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