Top Free Sites for iPhone Audio Books

Free iPhone Audio books

Listening to audio books can be more enjoyable while traveling or jogging. There are plenty of places where you can search your favorite audiobooks, magazines, and novels but we have selected the best resources for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

iPhone is the best smartphone available on the market. You can listen to your favorite music and watch movies on your iPhone. In addition, you can also have free audiobooks on your iPhone. Now the question is where you will go to find audiobooks. There are many sites where you can easily find free audio books.

Search Amazing Audio Books for iPhone and iPad on these free online resources.

In this article, we are going to show you the top sites which offer free audio books for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Loyal Books

Loyal Books

Loyal Books is the best site if you are looking for a free audio books site. The site offers books in multiple languages such as Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and many more. There you can find books of all kinds such and popular categories are comedy, fiction, humor, poetry, short stories, and adventure.

You can also connect with Loyal Books on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Loyal Books is an absolutely free site for book lovers like you.

All You Can Books

All You Can Books

All You Can Books tops our list and there is a reason behind it. The site has thousands of books to offer. You can start with one month free subscription period. When the subscription period is over, they will charge you $20 per month. Now you can download your favorite books quickly and easily.

Currently, All You Can Books has more than thirty thousand audio books to offer. During the free subscription period, you can download plenty of books for free. You can sign in for one month free subscription period by simply providing your email. So we can say that All You Can Books is free but for a limited period which is one month.


eStories Free Audio Talking Books

eStories is one of the best online sites to find your favorite audio books. Go to eStories and discover thousands of your audio books. If you Stephen King is your favorite writer then you can find his audio books on eStories. There you can also find Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’. eStories offers different payment plans from $12/mo to $50/mo. You can also search audiobooks on the site and popular categories are Thriller, Fantasy, Romance, Humor, History and True Crime.



Hue McGuire founded LibriVox in 2005. It offers public domain books and the books are available in multiple languages. Currently, there are more than ten thousand books available. There is no single person running LibriVox instead there are volunteers based in different parts of the world who run the site. As stated above the site offers public domain books so they only record books which are in the public domain in the United States. Public domain books are free so LibriVox is a free site for downloading audiobooks.

Project Gutenberg

Project-Gutenberg iPod Audiobooks

When it comes to free books, the very first name we think of is Project Gutenberg. You will be surprised to know that Project Gutenberg has more than fifty thousand free e-books. You can either download books or just read the books online. There you can also find books in other languages like Portuguese, Dutch and French. Downloadable books are available in various formats like MP3, M4B audio book etc.

Audible Free Audio books started operating in 1995 and since then it is satisfying the thirst of book lovers. Besides audio books, at you can also find the audio versions of your favorite magazines and newspapers. is owned by e-commerce giant Amazon. When you access there you will see three categories named Best Sellers, Great First Listens, and Latest Releases. You can also browse books by simply hovering the mouse over ‘Browse Audible’ drop-down arrow. There you will see categories like mystery, romance, nonfiction, comedy, classics, history, foreign language and much more. They offer a one-month free trial. After one month you will be charged $15 per month.


Scribl uses a crowd pricing system to known likes and dislikes of users. And then a fair price is decided which is based on users’ likes and dislikes or priorities. Some books are rated higher than others so they will be priced higher. The best thing about Scribl is that when you buy audio books it also gives an ebook version for free. In addition, there are dozens of titles across plenty of genres. So, one thing is sure that you will not be disappointed.



Lit2Go lets you download stories and poems in the form of audio books. We recommend Lit2Go to students. You can download audio books in MP3 format. In addition, you can also download passages as a PDF as well as printed. You can search books by authors, genres, books, collection, and reliability. As stated above Lit2Go is the best resource for students so popular genres are an adventure, essay, fable, fantasy, history and informational.

Open Culture

Open Culture Free Audiobooks

Open Culture offers audio books, online courses, textbooks, ebooks, movies, lectures and much more. The site has a lot to offer you. Open Culture offers more than one thousand free online courses. They have more than nine hundred audio books which you can download. Open Culture offers more than eight hundred free e-books for devices like iPad and Kindle. In addition, if you want to learn languages online then Open Culture is the best place to start from. You can learn Spanish, Mandarin, French and many more.


Last but not the least is ThoughtAudio. We recommend you ThoughtAudio if you have the love for books. Here, books are available in MP3 format. You can also find books in PDF format. Most of the books are free thanks to the free public domains. You can access the official website of ThoughtAudio at

What is your favorite site for finding free iPhone audio-books?

Explore the resources mentioned above to find free audio-books for your iPhone. There are so many places but we list only best and reliable sites where you can search thousands of free talking books to enhance your personal library. Also, share your views about this article in the comments.

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