How to Join Pinterest to Create a New Account

Create New Pinterest Account Sign Up

The sign-up procedure of Pinterest is very simple and straight.

Pinterest offers three different ways to join the network. Facebook, Twitter, and email address. Choose an option of your choice. If you want to join Pinterest using your existing Facebook account, then enter your Facebook username and password. If you want to use your Twitter account, then provide your Twitter login information.

Business Users

Business and organizations can also join the image sharing site. Pinterest allow companies to create their business account. For this, they offer a separate sign up page for business.

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Exploring the Pinterest Image Boards

Pinterest members can explore the site and view image collections. But if you don’t have an account, then join the network to create a Pinterest username and register for a free Pinterest account. After joining the image sharing social network, you can not only explore the site but also can post your own images and comments on other members content. So join to enjoy the exclusive content over the internet.

If you don’t have an account, then without a membership, Pinterest allows limited access to the image boards. But if you are a registered Pinterest member, you can explore all the categories. For example, most popular categories are DIY, photography, food, fashion, animals etc.

How to Sign Up for Pinterest Using Email Address

Simply, Start with signing up for a Pinterest account to create your username.

In case, if you don’t want to use Facebook or Twitter and want to create your new account, then you must have to confirm your email address. Pinterest will send you a confirmation email along with a link. Just click the link to confirm your account. Pinterest allows you to add your Facebook or Twitter ID’s later to connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook or Twitter pals.

Pinterest allows you to add your Facebook or Twitter ID’s later to connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook or Twitter pals.

You can visit Pinterest help to learn more about username and password. Read FAQs and related information on account sign up.

Setting Up a Pinterest Username and Account

If you don’t want to join the Pinterest using your email address, you can provide your Facebook or Twitter login information. So you can login Pinterest easily without any additional information.

The main advantage of using your Facebook or Twitter is that Pinterest will connect you automatically with your Facebook or Twitter friends. So you don’t have to waste your time for building a friends list on Pinterest.

Joining the Pinterest with social networks is more beneficial than using the email. You don’t have to create and remember and new username and password.

Pinterest Username and Your Private URL

Your username will be your unique URL. For example, if you choose username “James” then your Pinterest URL will be You can change your username from the account settings anytime without any hesitation.

Using Pinterest

PinterestPinterest is one of the most popular visual social networks of its kind. You can discover, collect and organize unique and cool content. You can create different boards for the different type of content categories and pin your favorite content such as images and videos to your boards which is basically your collection of content.

Join Pinterest. Creating an account Log in. 100+ billion ideas to explore. 10 seconds to sign up. Its free, It simple.Please do not forget to share your views about this article.

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