Kik Login Online

Kik Login Online

Kik Login Online: You must have been using Kik messenger to chat with your friends. Do you know that you can also use Kik online? When we say online, it means you can use any computer to access your Kik account after providing your login information. Kik is currently being used by millions of users in different parts of the world. There are many features of Kik and this is why people prefer using it. People have the choice to switch to other messaging apps but they don’t because they know that Kik is far better than those apps.

How to Use Login Kik Online

We will need Manymo online in order to use Kik online. Manymo is basically an online emulator. Unlike other emulators, you can use it without even downloading it. One thing you will need is the Google Play account. You will have to signup first on Manymo in order to use Kik online. Once you have signed up, you can start using it. People often ask if they should use the free version or the paid version. Well, the answer to this question mainly depends on your usage of the emulator.

If you use Manymo once in a while then you better stick with the free version. But, if you use Manymo often then you can consider using the paid version of the emulator. The paid version of the emulator has offers a lot of features.

You must have a Google Play account if you want to use Manymo to download the apk file of Kik Messenger. You will be downloading this file from the Play Store. And then you will upload the apk file to the emulator. The Google Play account, you are using, must have a registered Android device. It will be a problem for those who never used an Android device before. They will have to arrange an Android device. Sometimes our friends can help in these kinds of situations. What about borrowing an Android device from a friend? You will need the device for not more than a few minutes. Read also Kik for Android Phone and Tablets.

  • The very first thing you need to do is download the apk file of Kik Messenger from Google Play on your computer. Now the apk file is downloaded on your computer. Free Manymo account will require you upload the file each time you want to use it. So you better save the apk file for future use.
  • Sign up for the free Manymo account. Don’t forget to note down your username and password you will need it in future.
  • Now you will upload the Kik app into your emulator. You will choose the screen resolution of the emulator you want to use. You better go for the larger screen size.
  • You will launch the emulator by clicking the “Launch with: App” button and then opening Kik apk file on your computer.
  • Next, you will upload Kik Messenger online and you will discover that it is very much like opening the app on Android.
  • Now login using your Kik login information. This is how all your conversations will be synced from your iPhone or Android onto your PC.

Kik on PC

Above we have used Manymo which is an online emulator. If you are using an online emulator like Manymo then you will have to upload the app each time you wish to use it. Yes, this is the downside of Manymo. If you want to use Kik on pc often then we recommend Blusestacks and Android.

Bluestacks can be a good choice because you can use it not only on a Windows computer but also on Mac OS X. Now you can easily login Kik online and use with step by step guide.

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