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LastPass Alternatives

A secure and foolproof hosting of your sensitive information is important in today’s high-tech world. Almost everything such as banking, communication, and shopping is now connected and operated through the internet. There are thousands of scammers and hackers always busy for finding backdoors to bypass authentications or encryptions. So it is necessary for users to keep their information secure and computes safe from hackers. To overcome this problem, you need to start using a password manager right now.

LastPass is a cross-platform multifunctional password management service that securely stores encrypted passwords. Initially, the service was free but now after its acquisition, the management of its parent company LogMeIn has narrow down free features.

Currently, LastPass offers three different plans for personal accounts. including a free account with limited features, premium account for $2/month and families for 4/month. If you are a business user, then you can subscribe either to its Teams or Enterprise account. For more information about subscription plans, you can visit LastPass official website.

It is also the best place to store important digital records such as insurance cards, pin codes, memberships, internet passwords, and a lot of private stuff. Additionally, you can use LastPass password generator for creating strong passwords for your online accounts.

In some situations, you may need to use other password manager platforms. Here are the best LastPass alternatives that you can use to manage your passwords without spending a dime. All alternatives would have their own key features and benefits.


KeePassX Similar to LastPass

Visit KeePass Official Website

Although there is a wide range of password management tools, KeePassX seems to be the first choice because of its unique features. It protects user data using its multiple security layer technologies. KeepassX stores sensitive information locally instead of the cloud to ensure the safety.

It is hard to remember each and every account password and most of the time we forget some of them. Also using the same password for all online services is a security risk. The fact is that KeePass stores your passwords at a central secure location and secured them with a master key. So nobody can hijack your passwords or access your emails or account without your permission.

It’s an open source program, so you can easily monitor the functions they apply to conceal your data. Here’s the list of its some important features.

Notable Features

  • It’s free. Use KeepassX password manager without spending a dime
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Encrypt the entire database instead of just passwords
  • Windows-based portable program. No installation required. Directly run from USB
  • Also, available for Android and iOS devices
  • Export password list in various formats including TXT, HTMLCSVsv, and others
  • Variety of useful plugins for advanced encryption
  • Secure and easy database transfer
  • Database search functionality
  • It also offers a strong password generator for creating strong passwords
  • OSI certified open source application



Visit 1Password Official Website

The story behind the switching from LastPass to 1Password is not as simple as you think. There are more than hundred reasons to use 1Password application.

Honestly speaking, paying a little amount for the security of your most important data is not a big deal. It protects your passwords by locking them with a master password to provide multi-layer security.

Currently, 1Password offers two subscription plans. One for the individuals which you can get for $3/month and the other is for families for $5/month. No matter, what device you have, you can use 1Password on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms without any additional cost.

Just like KeePassX, 1Password also doesn’t store information in the cloud.  You can save the database file where you want. It also facilitates users to save their master file on Dropbox to make accessible from other devices.

Notable Features

  • A foolproof Digital Wallet protects your credit cards, receipts, tickets, and other digital documents. You can access them on any device without any hesitation.
  • One-to-one free support to resolve your problems
  • 24/7 security alter notifications
  • AES-256 encryption for strong protection
  • a free 30-day trial for both individual and family accounts


Dashlane Password Manager

Visit Dashlane Official Website

Bypass hackers with Dashlane, which is another superb option to LastPass. If you are sincere with your sensitive encrypted data, then a password manager like Dashlane would be a great alternative. It has the similar user interface like its main rival LastPass, however, it’s a bit difficult to operate.

It lets users master protect their passwords and documents not only on Windows machines but also on mobile devices. Browser plugins are also a fantastic way to use KeePass without having the program installed on the local drive.

Dashlane’s subscription is quite similar to its competitors like LastPass and KeePass. For example, its premium account costs US$39.99/year. They also offer a free account with limited yet essential features.

Notable Features

  • Automatically types your passwords
  • Immediate security alters in case of emergency
  • Features a powerful password generator tool
  • Auto-change password functionality
  • Auto-fill forms by providing information like name, addresses, emails, payment methods etc.
  • Shop online instantly using its digital valet.
  • Stores unlimited payment methods such as credit and debit cards, bank accounts, PayPal info, and others.
  • Available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices



Visit RoboForm Official Website

A gladsome and inspiring encrypted vault that securely hides your private digital numbers. RoboForm is just another fantastic alternative. It claims to be the fast and furious password manager, however, it has same feature lineup offered by its competitors.

Robo lets users sync data between desktop and mobile devices with ease. It saves your passwords in a variety of ways. For example, it automatically grabs your password while typing to sign in to your online accounts. Also, you can add passwords manually or through CSV file by importing them into the RoboForm.

A free account would be a great option if you are an individual. Free membership includes unlimited login accounts, auto-fill forms, password audit and password generator tool. However, family and business membership feature more advanced functionalities.

Important Points & Features

  • Automatically remembers your passwords, pin codes and payment methods.
  • Single click logins
  • Create powerful passwords with RoboForm password generator
  • AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256
  • Password audits
  • It lets users import passwords from other password managers or from CSV file
  • Auto-fill web forms and payments
  • 24/7 support

Other Password Managers Like LastPass

Above mentioned options are enough. They are reliable and tested by millions of users from around the world. However, there are few more options that you can use for the security of your passwords and notes.

These are comparatively new in the industry and offering similar services like LastPass and its rivals KeePass, iCloud Keychain and RoboForm.  Some of them are open source and available for Android, iOS, and MacOS.

What is your favorite password manager?

There is an extensive list of LastPass alternatives, but we discussed only reliable and best password managers in this article. Please let us know which one is your favorite. Kindly also share your views in the comments.

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