How to Lock a Wireless Router

Lock Wireless Router

Locking your wireless router is very important especially from the security point of view. Keeping your wireless router locked has many advantages such as it keeps unwanted users to access your Internet connection and steal your bandwidth. You can make your Internet connection, secure simply with the Wireless Encryption Protocol or Wi-Fi Protected Access. In this way, only the user who has a secure key that is associated with your router will be able to have access to your Internet connection.

Secure Your Wireless Router

  • First of all, launch your Internet browser and go to your router’s address. Router’s address may vary depending on the type of the router. But here are three common addresses you can try if you don’t know the address. The addresses are," and “
  • Type in the username and password in the provided text fields. Your router’s manual can help you if you don’t know the username or password.
  • Click on the “settings” or “security” tab.
  • Find security option of your router on the page. Now in order to secure your network, you simply need to change the unsecured option to “WPA,” “WPA2” or “WEP.”
  • Generate a password for your router and don’t forget to write it down.
  • Click “Save Settings” or “Ok.”

Verify that the Network is Secure

  • Now use the Start menu to open Control Panel. In the Control Menu, click on “Network and Sharing Center.”
  • There is “Manage wireless networks” link. Click the link.
  • Find your network in the list. You will see that your network not listed as “unsecured” under the “Security” column.

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