Look Up the Location of a Phone Number for Free

Phone Number Lookup

in some situations, you may need to find the location of a phone number. No matter, what kind of information you want to know. It could be the contact number, the name of the caller or address information. The best way to get all the information is calling back. You can call back and ask questions. But if you don’t want to appear itself, you can get information anonymously. In this article, I will show you different ways to do this.

4 ways to look up the phone number location

  1. Onlne Phone Number Lookup Tools
  2. Search Engines
  3. Public Records Directories
  4. Investigate Yourself

1. Online Phone Number Lookup Tools

Phone Number Lookup Tools
Phone Number Lookup Tools – Yellow Page – YP.com

The very first and convenient way is to use online phone number lookup tools. Most of the tools are absolutely free and you can easily search information for your desired phone number. Popular websites include whitepages.com, yellowpages.com, 411.com, and Verizon.com. Just enter your phone number in the reverse phone number lookup search text field and press search button to find the required information. If the number is listed in the directory, the results will show the owner name along with address and location. If you are looking for 800 toll-free number, you can use callferret.com or 800notes.com to find the reverse phone information.

2. Use Search Engines

Google.com Search Engine
Google.com Search Engine

Online search is another easy way to find reverse phone number lookup. You can use Google.com, Bing or Yahoo search engines. But as per my experience, Google is one of the most popular and authentic search engines providing most relevant results. So you can start with Google. Enter the phone number in the search box and hit the search button. If the number is listed somewhere on the internet, the search engine retrieves those links and show in the search results. Try to search phone number in different formats such as 111 222 333 or 111.222.333 or 111222333 etc.

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3. Public Records Directories

Public Records Directories
Public Records Directories intelius.com

Use public records directories to find not only look up phone number information but also people, background, and phone numbers. You can use intelius.com, a largest public records directory in the United States.

4. Investigate Yourself

Investigate Yourself

Before going to search anywhere else, you can investigate yourself by knowing its area code or prefix number. The number may contain the country code or area code. This will helps you to know the country or city of the caller.

So guys, what do you think? Do you satisfied with the step by step guide for reverse phone number lookup tools and methods. Using online websites and people finder websites, you can easily find the location of any phone number easily and quickly.


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