Top Netflix Alternatives for Online Streaming

Netflix Alternatives

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think about online streaming of TV shows and movies? We don’t know what your answer is but one thing is sure that majority of people have answered ‘Netflix’. There is no one near Netflix in online streaming business.

Netflix is available worldwide and there are millions of people who use Netflix for watching their favorite television shows and movies. There are some countries where Netflix is not available. So, if you reading this article from a country where you cannot use Netflix then you will find valuable information in this article.

Here’s a list of amazing Netflix alternatives and similar platforms where you can go and start streaming your favorite television shows and movies.

1. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus Website

Hulu Plus tops our list and there is a reason behind it. You should know that Hulu Plus has become the first choice of many especially when it comes to TV shows. The best thing about it is that subscription plans offered by Hulu Plus are not expensive. You will be surprised to know that you can sign up for the Plus option for just $8 per month and there will be no ads. Now nothing can come between you and your favorite television show. You can watch Fear the Walking Dead uninterrupted. There are also movies which you can watch.

2. iTunes

iTunes Website

iTunes is different from Hulu and it is not described as an online streaming service. We included iTunes on our list because you can rent a movie to watch from the iTunes. Years ago Netflix also started as a rental service but now it is described as a lot more than just a rental service. You can rent movies for two days and it will only cost you three or four bucks. Now you can get standard and high definition movies at a very affordable price.

iTunes is recommended for those who want to rent a movie. If you are looking for an online streaming service where you can watch movies anytime you want to then iTunes is not for you.

3. Acorn TV

Acorn TV
Acorn TV Website

We recommend Acorn TV to those who love British television shows. It does not mean that Acorn TV is all about the shows originating from Britain. Acorn TV also offers content from other countries. In addition, Acorn TV, unlike other online streaming services, is not expensive. It will cost you only $5 per month. If you want to pay for a year then you just need to pay $50.

Currently, Acorn TV is attracting a lot of viewers and has become people’s favorite streaming site. Now Acorn TV is the first streaming service people think of when it comes to streaming British programming. They offer original shows and currently The Witness for the Prosecution based on an Agatha Christie story is attracting the viewers.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV
Tubi TV Website

Tubi TV is a free streaming service. Yes, you heard it right, it is hundred percent free. You should know that most of the free services rely heavily on ads. Tubi TV also contains ads. It partners with Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount Pictures to offer you the best movies and television shows.

Tubi TV does not require you to register yourself to use the service. There are some additional features Tubi TV offers. For instance, you can continue play from where you left off. It also allows you keep the record of what you have watched.

5. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video
Amazon Instant Video

It looks like e-commerce giant Amazon wants to do everything we can imagine. If you want high-quality content then Amazon Instant Video has a lot to offer. Amazon has made it easy for you to watch popular television series and your all-time favorite movies. You can also buy new movies and television shows from Amazon.

Now you don’t have to wait longer to get your hands on the newly released movies thanks to Amazon Instant Video. Amazon Instant Video subscription will cost you $100 a year. They also offer a 30-day free trial. So, go for the free trial and find out what Amazon Instant Video has to offer.

6. Crackle

Crackle - Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows
Crackle – Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows

Crackle is also a free streaming service. Sony is a big name in the entertainment industry and Crackle is backed by Sony. As stated above, Crackle is a free service and just like Tubi TV it also contains ads. We understand that ads are frustrating but Crackle is an ad-supported site. It is best for those who want to watch shows and movies for free.

Crackle has limited options of movies and television shows as compared to other streaming sites, but still, it deserves a try.

7. Fandor

Fandor: Watch Movies and Documentary Films Online
Fandor: Watch Movies and Documentary Films Online

Fandor is a well-known indie streaming service. It has been successful in attracting a large number of audiences. If there is a movie, you cannot find anywhere else then we are sure that you will find it on Fandor. You will have to pay $7.50 per month if you want to enjoy watching your favorite movies on Fandor. Yes, it is the little bit expensive if compared with other sites’ plans.

8. M-Go


M-Go is a new name for many. We keep hearing about new streaming services launching every now and then and most of them disappear without making any significant impact. But we bet that M-Go is here to stay. M-Go offers new movies and television shows. As we said, it is new so it will be unjust to compare it with other well-established streaming services. But one thing is sure that the way M-Go has announced its arrival, it will become a well-known name in the streaming industry very soon. No doubt, is is an amazing site similar to Netflix in the industry.

9. Yaveo

Yaveo Latino streaming service

All the streaming services we talked about above are English. Yaveo is a Spanish-language streaming service. Currently, there are more than forty million native Spanish speakers living in the United States. Yaveo is getting popular among viewers who demand Spanish and Mexican programming. It also offers dubbed US programs from popular channels.

10. Stan

Stan - Watch TV Shows and Movies
Stan – Watch TV Shows and Movies

Stan is an Australian streaming service. It is a paid service but also offers 1-month free trial. Just go to the official site of Stan, enter your email address in the provided space and click blue colored ‘Start Your Free Trial Today’ button. Stan is available on multiple devices such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV, Telstra TV, Fetch TV and Smart TVs. You can download the Stan app from the App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store.

Go to Stan where you can find movies as well as complete series. In Australia, Stan is ranked behind Netflix but the way Stan has grown suggests that it going to be Australia’s number one streaming option. No doubt, Stan is a better Netflix alternative you can use for streaming your favorite movies and other TV programs.

What is your favorite movie streaming site? Please share your views about sites like Netflix in the comments.

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