How to Open and Read PDF Files on Android Phone

How to Read PDF Files on Android

Reading PDF files on an Android phone or tablet is more enjoyable than a PC. In this educational guide, I will show you the ways to read PDFs on an Android phone and tablet.

There are more than six billion cell phone users in the world and majority of people use smart devices. Smartphones have made life easier in many ways. You can read books, listen to your favorite songs, watch movies and live TV, shopping, mobile banking, and hundreds of other things on your smart device.

PDF is one of the most popular document formats in the virtual environment. You can read PDF files or books easily and quickly on cell phones without spending a dime. Reading PDF files on Android is easy, However, you need to download PDF reader app on your phone.

How to Get a PDF Reader/Viewer on an Android Phone/Tablet

In this section, I will educate you how you can download and install a PDF reader app on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Firstly, go to the apps section on your Android phone
  • Locate “Play Store” icon and tap to open Google apps
  • Now type PDF reader in the search bar
  • It will show a variety of PDF reader apps, Tap the very first app to open the specific app page
  • Finally, tap the “Install” button. Don’t worry about the installation process. It is an automated process.

How to Open a PDF Document

  • Once the installation has completed, go to “Downloads’ where you downloaded PDF file
  • Tap the file, another window “Open with” will appear along with a list of PDF viewers. Just select your favorite app and open your document.

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What are the best Android Apps for reading documents and ebooks on Smartphone?

There are tons of PDF viewers on the Google Play Store that you can use to open your PDF documents. But I will discuss only top rated and authentic apps from well-known developers. Here’s the list of best Android PDF readers

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Developed by: Adobe
Price: Free Get it on Google Play

Acrobat ReaderFrankly speaking, I have been using Adobe Acrobat Reader for years. It is a fantastic, seamless, and, an ideal tool for annotating and signing PDFs. The app is free, however, in-app purchase is available to enhance your reading experience with additional features. For example, the paid subscription allows users to edit and export PDFs into a variety of other formats. So don’t hesitate to use this amazing eBook read on your phone or tablet.

Notable Features

  • Tested by millions of Android users. With more than 37 million downloads, it has got a 4.3 rating on Google Play Store.
  • Easily open PDF files from emails, the web, and apps.
  • It facilitates users to search a specific part of the PDF file. Additionally, edit, scroll, and zoom in and out features are awesome.
  • Seamless scrolling and frameless reading.
  • Quickly print, store and share documents.
  • Free Adobe Document Cloud account
  • Print directly from your Android phone.
  • Supports more than 29 languages

2. CamScanner

Developed by: INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Price: Free Get it on Google Play

CamScannerCamScanner is a multifunctional app that allows users to read, edit and create PDF files easily and quickly.  Additionally, It is a perfect scanning and sharing tool because it is capable to scan physical documents into PDFs directly using the phone camera. The app is free and contains ads, however, it offers more enhanced and unique features and add-ons that you can purchase while working on your PDFs.

Notable Features

  • It is a perfect mobile scanner. You can scan your physical documents or books using your mobile camera.
  • Grab text from images and convert into editable form
  • Share documents and images on social media, instant messengers or email
  • Print directly from the phone by connecting it to the nearby printer. Not only this, but the user can also fax their documents to more than 27 countries.
  • Premium Subscription is available for ($ 4.99/month or $49.99/year)

3. DocuSign

Developed by: DocuSign
Price: Free Get it on Google Play

DocuSign Read PDF FilesDocuSign has special features for businesses such as eSignature and Digital Transaction Management. Basically, it is designed for businesses, corporate offices and employees. It allows users to open, fill, sign and send documents easily and quickly. The app is free with an unlimited signing, however, it offers premium subscription plans with enhanced features and unlimited document transfers. There are three different plans, standard, real estate and personal plans. If you are an individual, then you can use DocuSign free version without any hesitation.

DocuSign PDF Reader

Notable Features

  • Unlimited signing and filing documents
  • Send and share documents through email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote and variety of other cloud storage platforms.
  • Supports PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG, Rich Text, and a variety of other formats
  • Open documents directly from your emails and cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive etc.
  • Includes special features for business documents such as remote signing, reminder, workflow schedule, push notifications, password protection, and a lot of others.

4. ezPDF Reader

Developed by: DocuSign
Price: Free Get it on Google Play

ezPDFezPDF Reader is another multifunctional and multipurpose PDF reader widely used for filling, annotating PDF documents. It has some advance document viewing features. It also supports multimedia PDFs including audio, video, animated gif, and others. Moreover, it allows users to add, edit, highlight text, insert sticky notes draw shapes easily on PDF documents. ezPDF Reader is an authentic and reliable tool for reading PDF files and ebooks.

ezPDF Reader

Notable Features

  • Import, view, and edit PDF files and eBooks easily and quickly
  • With multimedia support, it allows users to view PDFs having audio, video and animated gifs.
  • Seamless page turning
  • Edit documents, use sticky notes, use the drawing tool to draw different shapes and freehand drawing.
  • Scan documents from your phone camera
  • Fill PDF forms
  • Support ePub format
  • Additional features are Search, Zoom In, and Out, text highlight and selection

5. AnDoc – PDF & DJVU Reader

Developed by: OpenView Mobile
Price: Free Get it on Google Play

AnDocAnDoc is fantastic in term of usability. It is easy-to-use PDF read app allows users to open, view and edit PDF files and ebooks easily and quickly. AnDoc also supports DJVU files. If you are looking for a quick PDF viewer, then AnDoc is a perfect choice. It can help you view PDFs received from emails and downloaded eBooks from the internet.

AnDoc - PDF & DJVU Reader

The app is designed specifically for reading eBooks but you can open and read all kind of PDFs easily without any hesitation.

6. Fast Scanner

Developed by: OpenView Mobile
Price: Free Get it on Google Play

Fast ScannerFast Scanner is more popular for its scanning features. You can scan all kind of documents such as books, birth certificates, business agreements and others directly from your Android phone using built-in camera. Scanned documents can be transformed into PDF files and multipage eBooks easily.

It also allows users to export scanned documents in different formats such as text and jpeg images and share via email and cloud storage platforms. With more than 7 million downloads, Fast Scanner app has got 4.3 rating on Google Play Store.

What is your favorite PDF reader Android app?

If you know any PDF reading Android app other than the list, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will review and add to the article. Kindly share your views about this article in the comments.

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