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Finding a right PDF editor is not easy. It requires a lot of research and experiments. There are plenty of tools and applications available on the internet but they are not what they claim to be. However, there are some good editing tools available that offer a variety of editing options such as edit the text in the PDF file, add new text, change and resize images, insert graphics, fill out forms, and sign the documents etc.

PDF editors fall into three different categories such as desktop applications, online PDF editors, and mobile applications. A web application is the most convenient way to edit PDF files. You just need to upload PDF file, edit and then save back to your local drive. However, most of these are not offers full features for free. Also, they aren’t as powerful as their desktop versions.

A clever way to edit your PDF files is using the different editing tools for different tasks. Because all of these free PDF editors do not offer same features. You can use different editors for different purposes. For example, You can edit text in one editor and then use another to insert pages. Similarly, to edit forms, you can use the third editor.

Note: Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013 can also be used for PDF editing by converting PDFs into the Word documents. If you already have the Microsoft’s software, then you have a great PDF editor. Just open your PDF file in the program, it will take few minutes to convert. You can easily edit your text and then save as Word file to the PDF format.

Here’s the list of best free PDF editors that you can use to edit your documents easily and quickly without any hesitation.

Sejda PDF Editor

Visit Sejda Online PDF Editor

Sejda Online PDF Editor

Sejda offers a free online PDF editor which is, no doubt, one of the best online editing tools. It allows users to edit text without adding a watermark. Most of the free editors insert watermark but Sejda provides a clear-cut output without watermarking.

Although, it is an online application, so you can easily use within your browser. It doesn’t require any download or installation. However, if you required a more advanced and fully featured editor, then you can download its desktop version.

How to edit PDF file using Sejda PDF editor

Below are the steps to edit existing text, add new text to PDF documents, fill forms and other changes.

  • Firstly, go to Sejda PDF editor online website
  • Upload your PDF file from your computer by clicking the “Upload PDF File” button or drag and drop
  • Now select Text tool from the toolbar located above the text editor
  • Click the text on your PDF which you want to edit
  • You can edit existing text as well as can add new text
  • Finally, click “Save” button to save your changes and download your document.

Notable Features

Sejda is sweet in term of usability and features. Most common free features are listed below.

  • Edit existing text or add new text
  • Upload from your computer, drag and drop or import from other websites
  • Insert new pages or delete existing pages
  • Sign documents and add hyperlinks
  • Insert, resize, and reposition images
  • Whiteout, annotate and shapes
  • Works well on Windows, macOS, and Linux

It is a free online PDF editor, however, it has some restrictions. For example, you cannot edit PDFs with more than 200 pages, edit 3 PDF files per hours, PDF size would not be more than 50 MB.

In spite of all these limitations, It is the best tool for PDF editing and enhancement. Sejda’s online editor and the desktop application has some clear differences. For example, you can import documents from third party websites and cloud storages such as DropBox or Google Drive. While the desktop application has more fonts and editing options. Both online and desktop version includes PDF to Word converts. You can convert your PDF documents to Word and similarly Word documents to PDF easily and quickly.

PDFescape Online PDF Editor

Visit PDFescape


Just like Sejda, PDFescape also offers online PDF editor and windows application. It is another top rated web PDF editor that you can use not only to edit PDF files but also for a variety of other tasks. It is a free tool, however, you PDF should be less than 100 pages and 100 MB size.

Notable Features

Use from your web browser, no need to install software

  • Equipped with all important tools
  • Add your own text
  • Insert images, resize and reposition
  • Add new pages and delete existing pages

It doesn’t allow users to edit existing text. They can only add new text, images, and hyperlinks using given fields.

The text tool has a lot of varieties. You can choose your favorite font form the list, use Bold, Italic, font size, colors, underline to style the text.

The drawing tool allows users to insert different shapes like circle, rectangle, oval and others. Similarly, custom shapes lets users add different shapes such as starts,

Sticky notes, annotate, whiteout can also be used as per your requirements.

Not only this, but it also lets users add new pages from other PDF files. There a variety of things that you can do with your pages. For example, delete a specific page or add new pages, align, paging nation, rotation give more power to the editor.

Upload your own file, select from other websites, import from cloud storage, edit and then save back to its original location. It could be your computer or an online storage.

The online version of PDFescape is free, however, its desktop edition is available for monthly and yearly packages.


Visit Inkscape Website

InkscapeInkscape is basically a cross-platform graphic design application available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. However, it also features PDF editing tool that you can use to edit your PDF files. Here are some of its important features.

Notable Features

  • Design your own graphics and insert into the PDF file
  • Edit text or add new text
  • Remove images, resize or reposition
  • Insert new pages or remove existing pages

The applications also help you to create beautiful graphics. Most of the people used Inkscape for manipulating images. If you already have the software on your system, then you can use this tool to modify PDF files. It allows users to edit text and insert images. But if you want advanced PDF editing features, then you can use other PDF editors suggested in the list.

PDF-XChange Editor

Download PDF-XChange Editor

PDF XChange Editor

If you want to create PDF files from scratch or edit existing PDFs, then PDF-XChange Editor is a nice tool. It is software application available for Windows. The limited featured version is free, however, it will insert a watermark.

PDF-Xchange Editor is available for $43.50 and PDF-Xchange Editor Plus is for $54.50. It is a perfect PC tool if you want to create, view, edit, annotate or sign your PDF files.

It lets users load PDF files from computer, from the web URL, Cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. After editing, you can save your files back to their original locations.

With PDF-XChange Editor, you can create PDFs from scanned documents, text, and images easily and quickly with any fault.

Document conversion tool is also included. You can convert your PDF to any other format such as Microsoft Word and Excel. There are more than 40 different tools for document creation and modification.

Some basic features are free. However, if you have its premium version, then you can use its powerful set of tools for creating or editing PDF files.


Visit Smallpdf online editor

Smallpdf online editor

Smallpdf is actually my favorite online PDF editor. Using online tool is more convenient than downloading and installing software on computers.  With the help of this easy breezy online tool, you can easily edit text, insert images, and sign documents.

This is a website that makes it really easy to upload a PDF, make changes to it, and then save it back to your computer all without needing to make a user account or pay for any anti-watermarking features.

This is one of easiest tool I have ever seen for PDF editing. The interface is very simple and straightforward. Just upload your PDF right from the home page and start editing your files.

Notable Features.

  • Browse file from your computer or drag and drop
  • Text, images, drawing, and shapes
  • High level of privacy and security of your data
  • PDF conversion functionality
  • Import from cloud storage

How to edit PDF files using Smallpdf online editor

To make changes in your PDF file, just follow these simple steps

  • Firstly, Access Smallpdf website in your favorite browser such as Google Chrome
  • Upload your file by clicking the “Choose File” or drag the file and drop into the editor
  • It will take few seconds to bring your PDF to the online editor
  • Use text tool to add new text, insert images and shapes
  • Finally, click “Save” button to save your changes.

What is your favorite PDF editor?

I tried my best to find out the best PDF editing tools. Some of them are online and some of them are desktop programs. So, please do let us know what is your favorite PDF editor tool. Also, share your views in the comments.

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