How to Sign Up Pheed to Create New Account

Create Pheed Account

Creating a Pheed account is not a rocket science. Pheed, a social networking service just like Facebook and Twitter, offers pay-per-view and content sharing features such as text, photos, and videos. There are three different ways to sign up for Pheed such as email, Facebook, and Twitter sign up. We will discuss one by one.

Creating a Pheed Account

follow these simple methods to get your account within 3 minutes

Sign Up via Email

Signing up using email is a conventional method used to create accounts online. So your email address is required for this purpose. Just provide your email address, choose username, password and voila to get an account.

Create Account via Facebook

If you have an account with Facebook, then you can easily sign up for Pheed. Just provide your Facebook login information, the Pheed will create an account for you and extract your information from your Facebook profile.

Twitter signup Option

Signing up using your Twitter login credentials is another convenient way to create an account.  Just provide your Twitter account information, Pheed will create an account immediately.

Pheed is available for desktop users as well as mobile users. iPhone users can download from App Store for free. The social network Founded in 2012 to compete with other social sites and it is the perfect mixture of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

How to Sign up for Pheed on iPhone  

In this step by step guide, we will show you how to sign up for Pheed on iPhone.

First of all, download the mobile app by clicking this link. Install and launch the app. A sign-up screen will appear with sign up options.

The same sign-up process will be applied. You can create an account either with Facebook, Twitter or with your email address.

If you choose email option, you will receive a confirmation message along with a link. click the link to confirm you Pheed account.

Using the  Pheed Channel

As part of signing up, you’ll be asked to provide a unique URL or Web address for your new account. It’s very similar to Twitter’s account and Web address scheme.

A Pheed channel is your profile page. You can set your own URL of your own choice just like Twitter and Facebook custom branded vanity URL.

Once you have implemented the URL, you cannot change it later. You can only change the name of your channel.

Join Pheed – Sign up to create a new account – sign in Pheed with username, password, sign up with Facebook and Twitter and share your photos and images.

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