How to Play Xbox One and 360 Games on PC

Play Xbox One Games on PC

Learn how to play Xbox One and 360 games on your Windows PC computer easily and quickly with step by step guide to enjoy Xbox One gaming experience on your PC.

Are you here to know how to play Xbox One and 360 games on your PC? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place. You should not face any problem in doing what you want to do if you do what you should do. Once you start playing Xbox One and 360 on your PC, you will get addicted to it. PC companies keep releasing the latest models of their PCs. This is why people prefer playing their favorite games on PCs. There is no doubt that Nintendo and Sony have been there for decades. You don’t know the power of your PC. There is a lot you can do with your PC.

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Microsoft owned Xbox is known worldwide. Here we are talking about Xbox One and Xbox 360. Have you used Microsoft’s Xbox One? If you haven’t you should. You will be happy to know that now has better and improved streaming capabilities which allow you run games on your consoles and stream that activity right onto your Windows PC. You must be wondering how it works. Basically, your PC monitor displays your gameplay and Xbox One handles the graphics and performance fidelity.

Many of you, who are used to playing on a TV, may find this weird but we are sure that once you give it a chance you will love it. The term ‘Streaming’ is not new now. In simple words, the content is captured from one device but displayed on another.

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How to Stream Xbox One Game to Your Windows PC?

Make sure that you are running Windows 10 on your PC. Go to the Settings menu of your Xbox One.

  • Select “Allow Game Streaming to Other Devices” below the ‘Preferences’. After doing this, your Windows 10 PC will be able to find your Xbox One easily.
  • Next, you will select ‘From any SmartGlass device’ or ‘Only from Profiles Signed in on this Xbox’. Remember when you select this option then Xbox app launches the streaming interface.

Now we are done with your Xbox One so following instructions are for your Windows 10 PC. You will have to install the Xbox App which you easily can in the Windows Store. You can also search the app using the search bar. Remember the app is free. Download the free app and then do as instructed below.

  • Select ‘Connect’ on the left side of the window.
  • Remember, “MyXboxOne” is the default name for Xbox. You will see the name displayed, you just have to select it.
  • The app will try to connect to your Xbox One console and if the connection is established you will be given the remote control of the console. Moreover, you will be given some options. You will select ‘Streaming’ and we will talk about ‘Power’ and ‘Media Remotes’ later.
  • Now you can select a game available on your Xbox One. If the game isn’t installed then you will have to install it using a disc.

Streaming Xbox 360 Games

There is no major difference between streaming Xbox 360 games and Xbox One. You will find the two just the same.

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