Plex Alternatives: Best Media Servers for Android, iOS & Windows

Plex Alternatives

Plex Alternatives: Multilingual, multiscreen, and multifunctional media player system and software, Plex is a most popular media organizing platform in the world. It allows users to organize their media content in one place and access to all devices anywhere without any fault.

No matter, what kind of media format you have. Just put your videos, photos, favorite movies and TV shows on Plex and then access across the board anywhere in the world. And that’s the beauty of Plex.

Kodi AlternativesSimilar Media Servers
Kodi, Find out best Kodi Alternatives

In this educational guide, we will show you 17 best media tools similar to Plex that you can use to stream your personal content anywhere, anytime. Plex is not just a media server, it also entertains you in a variety of ways.

For example, here’s list of some important features of Plex media server and media player software application.

  • multiple media format support,
  • available for all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS,
  • accessible on all screens and resolutions,
  • library organizations,
  • news,
  • sharing and a lot of others.

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Top Media Servers Similar to Plex Alternatives

Here’s list of best Plex alternatives that you can use to store, access and stream your favorite movies, music, tv shows and other media on your devices. There is a long list of media servers. However, we list only top and best media organizers similar to Plex.


Kodi vs Plex

Kodi is just amazing. It is an open source cutting-edge entertainment spot for people like you. Multifunctional media player and home theater software application Kodi is designed to engage users in a variety of ways. It allows users to stream their favorite videos, podcasts, songs, movies, TV programs and all entertaining and educational related material. The user can also access media files from their local storage.

Kodi is available for all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS and compatible with all screens like desktop, mobile, and tablets.

It is silky in terms of customization. You can change its look and feel by changing skins. Plug-ins support gives more power to the Kodi player. You can also access streaming content through online services such as Pandora internet radio, Youtube, Amazon Prime Instant video, Strusta, Spotify, Fotical, Crackle, and Rhasposdy.

Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server is designed for streaming digital media content on gaming consoles such as PlayStations and other streaming devices including smart TV, blue-ray players, and smartphone. If you are looking for fast blast streaming server for your personal and family oriented content, then Universal Media Server might be your first choice. It is free, super intelligent, multifunctional, and regularly update media server. So don’t be shy to say that you are in love with Universal media player.

Plug-in support will surely help you to enhance your streaming environment by making it more enjoyable than ever before. Popular plug-ins include Channels, GMusic, Jumpy, and MovieInfo. To download and more information, visit the official plugin page.



Embr is a central point for all your digital media content.  She is my next door neighbor. A classical, but not farcical, media server similar to Plex. I really love this media cat because of its fine streaming and dashing storage. Basically, it is designed for organizing media content such as audio and video which you can stream or play anywhere on any device. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and OS X, Amazon Fire TV, HTML5, Roku, Kodi and a variety of other devices.



MediaPortal is the most wanted media platform similar to Plex. With a variety of useful plug-ins, It establishes an idealistic relation between you and your media files. So you can watch online videos, listen to your music from online services like and even play games with your friends. Seamless streaming transforms your PC into a complete media solution. Have a look at its marvelous features.

  • Live TV Recording: Watch, schedule and record live TV
  • Movies: Play DVDs and Blu-ray discs
  • Perfect for music and radio
  • Your digital personal diary. Store your photos and home videos
  • Create slideshows with built-in plug-ins
  • Stay updated with latest news, weather updates and local events
  • Available for the web as well as Android and iOS smartphone and tablets.

JRIver Media Center

JRIver Alternative to Plex

With seamless streaming and limitless storage, JRiver Media Center is best for hosting your videos, audios, TV shows, listening books and photos. Accessing your personal media content in remote areas while traveling is more imaginative. It’s just like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Additionally, it supports static and dynamic playlists and CDs burning features.

A free trial for seven days is available. However, you can buy a service plan by selecting an appropriate package for your device. For example, you can purchase Master License for $69.98 for Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers. For more information about pricing, visit JRiver Media Center official website.


Infuse Media Player

Wow, Infuse is just like a glass of apple juice. It’s delicious and beautiful. Apple juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals but Infuse contains a variety of features to support rich media files. If you are looking for high-quality seamless streaming, then don’t confuse and use Infuse. According to Lifehacker, it is a great tool for streaming your media files.

Infuse can play almost all kind of media formats including MKV, AVI, MP4, and WMV along with High-performance playback functionality. Look at the list of some important features.

  • Segregate and organize your data automatically
  • High-performance playback functionality
  • Drag and drop transfer
  • Native Split View and Picture-in-Picture
  • Non-stop playback
  • Offers up to 256GB storage



You can use Mezzmo on the web, Android, Windows, Roku, and Kodi devices. It is an ultimate media solution for streaming all kind of formats to watch movies, listen to music and enjoy photos on UPnP and DLNA devices. If you are looking for high-quality seamless streaming, then Mezzmo might be the first place for your entertainment. There are a variety of great media servers in the market and of course, Mezzmo is one of them. It can host and play high definition HD quality streaming content without any additional cost.


TVersity Media Server

No matter what kind of DLNA device you have, TVersity is an ultimate solution for your entertainment needs. TVersity is similar to Plex in term of service and features, however, it is a bit slower than its main rival Plex and Kodi. Unlike other services, it was the only media server that offers real-time transcoding. It also works well with Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. In addition to streaming, it also acts as a media sharing as well.

With TVersity’s Screen Server, you can Mirror your PC screen, including full-screen games, videos and all kind of web content, to TV and mobile easily.

It is important to know that all forms of life are equally important. Similarly, all the Plex alternatives offer an extensive range of features and are equally important in term of entertainment services they offers. What is your favorite media server? Please share your views about this article in the comments below.

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