Popular Facebook Symbols: Heart, Music & Meanings

Facebook Symbols

Facebook with more than two billion users is the world’s favorite social media site. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from dorm room back in 2004 and now it has become the most used social networking site around the world. These days it is difficult to find a person around us who haven’t joined Facebook yet. If you want to make new friends or meet new people then join Facebook now. The best thing about Facebook is that you can make a lot of friends. Your friends may be located in other countries but you still you can exchange messages.

You can send and receive messages from your friends on Facebook. These messages are text messages and you can also include emoji. Someone has rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Using emoji in Facebook messages is a fun, and Facebook users love using emoji. There is a number of emojis which you can use on different occasions.

Facebook is a popular site and majority of the users knows the function of various Facebook symbols. But if you have recently started using Facebook then you will find this article very helpful. In this article, we will introduce you to various Facebook symbols. You will learn why they are there and what they are used for. Once you have understood the meaning of those Facebook symbols, using Facebook will be much easier.

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Facebook Symbols and their Meanings

Facebook uses imagery to help you navigate the basic functions of the site. There are different symbols on the site clicking which you can do different things. But first, you need to know what those symbols stand for. Facebook is often criticized for constantly changing its layout. There is a lot of hue and cry from the users but as the times passes they get used to it and stop complaining about it. Facebook keeps bringing changing in its design. So it is difficult to say if this article will remain relevant by the time you read it.

Facebook Interface Icons

Below we have explained some Facebook Interface icons. You will find these icons on your Facebook page when accessed through Website.

  • The Lock Symbol

You can find the lock symbol at the top right side. Using it, you can arrange your security and privacy settings. This is where you come whenever you face security and privacy related issues. Sometimes we login to Facebook from a friends’ computer and then a few hours later it comes to our mind that we did not log out. So we can go to Privacy Settings where we can log out of all open sessions of Facebook on all kind of devices.

  • The Globe Symbols

The globe symbols show notifications when you click on it. There are different kinds of notifications such as you are notified when your friend posts something, when you receive a friend request from someone or when someone comments on your post.

  • The Message Symbol

There is a message symbol before the globe symbol. Clicking the message symbol will show the messages you receive from other Facebook users. Any Facebook users can send you a message.

  • Persons symbol

Before the message symbol, you can see Persons symbol. Facebook users send and receive Friend requests from other Facebook users. Click this symbol to see who has sent you friend requests. You accept friend requests by clicking the ‘Accept’ button.

  • Home

As the name suggests, clicking the Home button will take you to the Facebook Home page where you can see content posted, liked and commented on people and pages you are friends with or follow.

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