How to Find Public Records Online: Top Web Resources

Public Records Online

Finding public records online is a little complicated but if you read this guide, you will definitely find the desired record within few minutes. Locating information such as address, phone number, birth certificates, death records, obituaries, land-related documents, census records and other information is very common on the web.  With the help of these websites, you can search vital records easily and quickly absolutely free.

Please keep in mind, you can access records that are available only to the general public because not every online document is available for common users. For example, birth certificates cannot be accessed online. You can only get the required certificate from your local record office.

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We do not encourage you to find sensitive information over the internet or pay for information that available online for free.

Question: How do I get free access to public records?

Here are seven different methods to find public records or vital records online such as birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, naturalization, adoption and land records easily and quickly.

1. Finding Public Records with Google

Google is the very first place where you can start your search. No doubt, it is the largest database for all kind of public information and a best public records search engine. Google is popular because of its artificial inelegance, algorithms, and crawlers that extract and organize information by crawling deeply into the web pages.

There is a little difference between finding the people on the internet and searching public records or documents. So if you want to find people, then read this guide. And if you are looking public records, then keep reading this article.

To find public records with Google, enter the keyword into the search bar. For example, if you are looking the land record for a specific property, then enter property name and area into the search bar, it will pull tons of reliable web page. Visit the most relevant website to see the desired information.

You can use Google in many ways. Try different keywords and combination of multiple keywords, a keyword with location or area etc. You will surely find the information you are looking for within few minutes.

2. Using the

VitalRec Public Records

Find vital records with VitalRec is easy. Explore database to find millions of records

Visit Website

VitalRec is designed especially for those who are looking vital records on the web. The site organizes the list of states alphabetically, so you can visit a state page, and then go to the specific town to find an office where you can get the information online or submit a request for that record.

The segregates the site in different sections for each group of records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce, and death records. And these categories organized under state, territory, and country.

To search a record, Just click the state link from the home page. For example, we use Alabama for that purpose. Click Alabama, and then select the appropriate link for a specific piece of content. The State page is organized comprehensively with tons of further links and search boxes.

More Resources to Search Vital Records

Here’s list of best websites where you can start your search for vital records. Just explore the following online resources.

  • National Center for Health Statistics provides an easy access to vital records such as birth, marriage, divorce or death records. To find records, you need to select a state from the links organized alphabetically on the page.
  • BRP Publications: A gigantic index containing links to public records, state, county and federal.
  • You can also use Virtual Gumshoe website, an ultimate database of public records organized with different categories.

3. Finding Obituaries


Now you can find obituaries online after a little bit of effort. You may already know that newspapers publish obituaries and most of the obituaries you find online are originally published in newspapers. Obituaries are available online but still, it takes some time to find the desired information.

There is a free genealogy search site named The name of the site suggests a lot about the kind of site it is. There you can find a directory of death indexes on the Internet. You should not face any problem using it because there are links which you can use to find the desired information. There you can find death records, death certificate indexes, obituaries, burial records and much more.

Do you know that there is a site named Find a Grave where you can find plenty of information about related to grave such as cemetery records as well as images of the gravesite? There you can also find celebrity interments with supporting information and photos. If you are looking for a genealogy tracker then we recommend ‘Family Search’. Just visit Family Search and you will know that it is an amazing site. You just have to provide the information you know and Family Search will get the rest of the information like birth, parental information, and death records.

4. Zabasearch


Zabasearch is a reliable source to find the kind of information you are looking for. Some people say that it offers information more than required. But there is nothing to worry about it because the information offered by Zabasearch is also publicly available. Basically, the information it offers is available on different public sites and Zabasearch makes all the information available in one place for you.

5., as the name suggests, is a government website where you can find information from USA government, state governments, and local governments. Now you can imagine the volume of information available on There are a number of agencies in the United States which offer public information and most of them are found on

6. Searchable Public Databases

When we talk about searchable public databases, Family Tree Now is the first name that comes to mind. Family Tree uses various public databases to retrieve the information requested by users like you. There is another popular public records search site named Census Finder. It offers plenty of information which you will find very useful. Census information is used by many including genealogy researchers for various purposes.

Another public database like Census Finder is DirectGov of UK. Those who live in the UK can use DirectGov where they can find all public services in the UK such as job search, taxes, student finance information and much more.

Talking about searchable public databases, you should use American FactFinder where you can find useful information about population, housing and economic for any community in the U.S. There are also searchable databases which offer corporate-related information about companies and people. You just have to enter the name of the person to get the available background information like the person’s salary, the company he works for and much more. People use searchable public databases for various purposes. For instance, you are planning to move into a new neighborhood so you can run a search just to check if there are any registered in the town. It will not take more than a few seconds. For this purpose, you can use Family Watchdog’s research offender search utility.

  • Go to Family Watchdog Search. There you will see three fields which are last name, first name, and state.
  • You will need a last name to perform the search. If you don’t know the last name just enter two letters of a name like ‘ch’ or ‘mi’. We know that it is not a perfect solution but still it works because you must enter the last name.
  • Next, you will select the state you want to search in. If you don’t select any state then it will search all the states.

You will see the results which are links clicking which you can see the pictures and profiles of the registered offenders. There you will also see their registered addresses and maps. You can also check Sex Offender Registry which is also used for the same purpose.

7. Other Searches

Above we talked about the searchable public databases. You should also know that there are other ways to get the information you are looking for. You can start your search form Google. The search can help you find some really useful information like phone numbers, addresses, maps etc.

8. Phone Book

Anywho Search People Online

There are a variety of online directories which you can use to find personal records like cell phone number or address, then explore the sites listed below.

Anywho: The largest database of public information contains a comprehensive range of features like people finder, reverse phone number lookup, urban dictionary, yellow pages and white pages.

Infobel: Find the business or residential telephone numbers and other information from all over the world.

If you are looking to find 0800 toll-free numbers, then navigate to Internet 800 Directory. Just use the search box integrated on the home page. Enter company name or toll-free number, select state and click start search button to get relevant results.

Now you know how to find someone using the free searchable databases. Hope that you will find this article useful.

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