Rackspace Discounts for Cloud Servers

Rackspace offers great deals and discounts on its cloud servers. Here’s step by step guide to learn how to get amazing discounts on great products from Rackspace.

Rackspace is a world-class managed cloud computing company based in Windcrest, Texas, USA. There are plenty of hosting companies that offer big discounts. However, Rackspace is on top of all cloud service providers.

Usually, discounts apply to your total monthly spend. No matter what number of accounts you have, the discount will apply to all your cloud servers under a single account in the United States.

Rackspace Volume Discount

  • In this category, if you spend more than or equal to $5,000/month on cloud servers usage, then you will definitely get a decent discount.
  • They formulate a unique discount criteria. The more you spend, the higher your savings
  • The good news is that they apply the discount on all of your cloud servers under the single account in the US regions.
  • No doubt, this is a great discount offer. However, they do not commit any term, so read the Terms & Conditions before applying the volume discount.
  • For more details about Rackspace volume discounts, please visit the official website

Rackspace Volume Discount

Commitment Discount

It sounds like a great opportunity. Select a term of 6 months, one year, 2 years or 3 years for spending $1,000/month or more for Cloud Servers usage, Rackspace will give you marvelous discount.

  • The discount is in your own hands. Spend more, save more.
  • Select a long-term, get a great discount
  • The discounts will be applicable to all of your Cloud Servers
  • Rackspace will honor a volume discount if you spend more than the commitment amount
  • See how much you can save with Commitment Discounts.

Rackspace Commitment Discount

Prepayment Discount

It Is another great way to save more money. If you pay all the amount of your term in advance, then you will get a decent discount from Rackspace.

Prepayment Discount

For complete detail about Rackspace deals and discounts, please visit the official discount page.

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