What does TBH Rate and Date Mean?

TBH Rate Date Mean

First off, you need to know what TBH exactly is. TBH is the abbreviation of “To be honest”. You must have seen people using the phrase “To be honest”. When a person wants to give his or her honest opinion about something he uses “To be honest”. It simply shows how the attitude of the speaker towards what he is going to say.

The meaning of TBH on social media is “To be honest”. Users of social media websites also use the term TBH. In fact, it has become a kind of Internet slang. Those who use Facebook and Instagram are also familiar with “Like for TBH”. People also use the term for observation purpose. There are many social media users who like others post because they like their post previously. We can say that it is a kind of strategy to get likes on different social networking sites. You will be surprised to know that this strategy has been very successful for the social media users. You simply have to like others post so that they return the favor by linking your post in future. You must have seen people requesting other for a like. There are some tools and applications that people use to get more likes on popular social networking sites. In simple words, you have to like someone’s post to find out what his honest opinion or thought is about you.

TBH Pictures

There are many inspirational photos and quotes that we find TBH. There is no strict rule when to use the term but generally, TBH is used at the start of the sentence.

TBH Rate

There are people who post “Rate for a TBH”. When you like the post of a person who posts “Rate for a TBH”, he will rate as per your recent activity. The rating starts from zero to 10 where zero means the worst and 10 means the best one.

TBH Date

What it means when someone says “I have a date tomorrow”. Now it will be easy for you to understand what Date for a TBH means. Date for a TBH means you will have to like his or her post if you want to date him or her.

Some people ask why people use “To be honest” and why not something else. People mainly use the phrase to make the listener or receiver believe that they are telling the truth and not lying.

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