How to Record From AT&T U-Verse to DVD

Record DVD from AT&T U-Verse

If you are an AT&T U-verse subscriber, you are able to view cable channels through your television. Sometimes people miss their favorite programs due to some reasons such as busy schedule. But now with AT&T U-verse, you can record your favorite programs to view them later when you are free. You simply need a DVD recorder, so that you may record programs onto a DVD and store them for a long time.

Record DVD from U-verse

Just follow simple steps to record DVD from AT&T U-verse

  • Firstly you need to arrange a DVR in order to record the program you wish to burn. You will enter the DVR section of the U-verse using the remote controller. There is a button on your remote labeled “Record,” press it. You will be asked to confirm your wish by pressing “Yes.”
  • Plug the DVD recorder to the DVR. You need to ensure that the audio/video cables are connecting the output from DVR into the input of the DVD player. The output of the DVD player needs to be connected to the input of the television.
  • Switch on the DVD player, the television, and the DVR. You need to locate the channel through which you wish to view the TV such as “Ch. 3,” “Video,” or an “Input” channel and then play the recorded program from DVR.
  • You need a blank DVD. Insert the DVD into the recorder. There is a record button on your recorder. Press the button to begin the recording. Restart the program on your DVR from the beginning. Let the program play in real-time while the DVD recorder records it. Press stop when it is done.

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