Reddit Alternatives, 10 Best Similar Sites

Reddit Alternatives

Reddit is a micro-blogging and web content discussion platform where you can go and find new things happening on the Internet. It has more than five hundred million monthly visitors, half of which are unique visitors. Millions of people use it daily and they share new things with each other. If something new and cool is happening Reddit users will be talking about it. This is why we said you can if you want to know about new things happening on the Internet just go to Reddit.

The topics of discussions are different. People share their views and learn new things from other users. There is no doubt that Reddit is a very big platform but now people want to use other sites like Reddit. But the problem is that they don’t know where to do. So, we are here to help you. We have created a list of top alternatives to Reddit. These sites are similar to Reddit where you can share your ideas and news with other users. So, let’s start.

List of Popular Reddit Alternatives You Can Explore

1. Voat


Voat was launched in 2014 and it started operating as a news aggregator and social networking service. It is a censorship-free community where you can submit your content which is then ranked by other Voat users. When you first land on the Voat home page you will see that it has the same interface as Reddit. You should not feel any problem using Voat if you have used Reddit previously. Most of the features of Voat are same as you have seen and used in Reddit. Voat offers to pay users who post quality content.

2. Hacker News

Hacker News
Hacker News

Hacker News has been around since 2007. We can describe Hacker News as a social news website. The interface of the site is very simple as you will not see things like flashy signs and sidebars. If you love news related to technology, hacking and entrepreneurship then Hacker News is the site for you Users keep posting news stories on Hacker News. If you like a story you can upvote it and when a lot of people upvote a story the ranking of the story improves on the table.

So, it means that news at the top of the table is the most upvoted news. Remember, people go to Hacker News because there they can find news that is sourced from trusted publications. If you want to post a story on Hacker News, you must be a registered user. Only registered users can upvote a story or comment on a story. Hacker News is an ideal site like Reddit if you are a hacker.

3. Quora


Have you seen how Yahoo Answers work? Quora is the same as Yahoo Answers. Now Quora has started attracting people who want to have healthy discussions. If someone has asked a question on Quora, you being Quora user or member can answer the question. You, too, can ask questions which will be answered by other Quora users. Sometimes the question we want to ask is already answered by someone. Just select the topic to see the questions and answers related to it. You can also follow people on Quora and you will be followed by other people as well. If you looking for a site where you can have discussions then Quora is the site you can start from.

4. Product Hunt

Product Hunt
Product Hunt

Product Hunt can help you hunt new and cool products devices. It is a Y Combinator site just like Hacker News. Now you can find the latest product on Product Hunt. The site also uses a voting system just like Reddit and Hacker News (also owned by Y Combinator).  When someone posts a product, other users of Product Hunt vote for the product. This is how the most popular product among the users finishes at the top of the table. As we said that the site is all about new and cool products and this is why the slogan of Product Hunt is, “The best new products every day”.

5. 4Chan

Next site like Reddit which we are going to talk about is 4Chan. Unlike Reddit and Quora 4Chan has image-boards and allows you post images and comments on your favorite boards. 4Chan does not require users to have an account in order to join a community. The site was first released in 2003. There are different categories such as Japanese Culture, Interests, Creative, Adult 18+, and Other. 4Chan has various boards for various topics ranging from music fitness, politics to anime, video games and sports. Since 2015, Hiroyuki Nishimura is the owner of 4Chan. It is a popular site and generally, its Alexa rank is around 650.

6. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon has been operating since 2001. People go to StumbleUpon in search of the best web content. The content or stuff you find on StumbleUpon is submitted by other users of the site. Basically, the site is built to offer you cool stuff provided by StumbleUpon users located around the world. There are countless users who keep submitting stories which they find interesting. You can see the content submitted by other users. Discovering the new content on StumbleUpon is easy. You just have to press the Explore button and that’s it. If you like something on StumbleUpon you can share it with your friends. You can also like or dislike content you find on StumbleUpon.

7. News Vine

News Vine

The name ‘News Vine’ suggest that the site is about News. It is a kind of site where you can find the most recent news from different parts of the world. Users of NewsVine keep submitting news and stories which are available for the other NewsVine users like you. News and stories you find on NewsVine are sourced from well-known sources. There is no shortage of new stories because users keep submitting news and stories. The front page of NewsVine features the most popular news stories. As the stories get older they are replaced new stories and content.

8. Slashdot


Slashdot is an ideal platform for nerds started in 1997. The site allows its users share stories related to science and technology. Users go to various tech websites where they find interesting news and stories which they post on Slashdot making things easy for others. In the same way, a lot of users post technology related news and stories on Slashdot. So, if a person is interested in knowing what’s happening in the technology sector he just needs to visit Slashdot where he can find latest news and stories. There you can also have the discussion with other Slashdot stories. You can comment on the stories and tell others what you think about it.

10. 9Gag


Last but not the least is 9Gag. Some people say that 9Gag is not a site like Reddit but there are others who think otherwise. We can describe 9Gag as a social networking site where users like you keep uploading and sharing content. The site started in 2008. Users start commenting on the posted content and this is how discussion starts. You will get to read many interesting comments in the comments section. If you want to laugh then 9Gag is the site you should visit. There you can also find NSFW content.

Now you know about the top sites like Reddit. So, Reddit is not the only site of its kind and there are some really cool Reddit alternatives which attract millions of users around the world. Select a site or two from the list given above and then check them out.

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