Registering Your DS and 3DS Products with Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo

Need to register your DS products? You have made a good decision to register your DS products with Club Nintendo. The process of registering your DS products is a bit complex and this is the reason most of the people avoid it. But very few people know that Nintendo consumers are rewarded when they register products with “Club Nintendo”.

You will be rewarded with “Coins” if you register Nintendo’s products. So what are you waiting for? Register your Nintendo products now and get free “Coins”. But keep one thing in mind that you will be rewarded only when you register products develop and manufactured by Nintendo. There are also some other ways to earn coins. You can win Coins by answering surveys and referring Club Nintendo.

Products You Can Register with Club Nintendo

As stated earlier, you can register products developed and manufactured by Nintendo. There are also some third party games that are also included in the list of products you can register with Club Nintendo. Nintendo consoles and handhelds you can register with Club Nintendo are the following.

The Wii, the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi

Users can also link their Club Nintendo account to the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop, and the Nintendo 3DS eShop. When your account is linked with the DSi and eShop your newly purchased game will be registered automatically.

You can register old versions of games but remember it will not earn you “Coins”.

What You Will Get In Return

Nintendo rewards you with Coins when you register a product. Here it is important to mention that amount of coins you earn is different for registering different products. You can earn 160 coins and 30 coins for registering a Nintendo DSi and a DS game respectively. You can also earn coins by simply answering a product survey. When you mark a game that is about to release and then you buy and register the game when it is officially released, you will earn coins.

Now the question is what you can do with coins. You can use the coins to buy Nintendo accessories. In addition, you can also use coins to buy screensavers and computer wallpapers. It is the number of coins you have that determines your status as a Club Nintendo member. You become the Gold member when you reach the mark of 300 coins and if you have 600 coins then you become the Platinum member. Membership status resets in June every year but it does not mean that you lose your coins. You will receive a prize if you are a Gold or Platinum member.

Registering Products with Club Nintendo

First of all, you need to visit Club Nintendo site. You need to login to your account. Don’t have an account? There is a button “Join Club Nintendo Now” at the bottom of the page. Simply click the button and provide the required information to create your account. Once you have become a registered member, you are good to register Nintendo products that will earn you coins. The list of games you can register to earn coins is already given above. You need to enter a PIN that is included in the games.

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