7 Best Photo Resizing Android Apps

Photo Resizer Android Apps

Learn how to resize a photo on your Android phone easily and quickly. Resizing an image is very simple. There are a variety of photo editing apps that you can use not only for resizing but also for cropping and manipulating photos efficiently without losing their quality.

Smartphones are making our lives better. They are equipped with latest technologies along with the integration of advanced features. We use smartphone not only for making calls but also for a lot of purposes of routine life. High definition mobile cameras, remote upload, and social media sharing make the photography hobby more popular than ever before. There are more than 3.7 million apps on Google Play Store for different purposes.

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Today, I am going to share five amazing photo resizing apps that you can install to reduce the size of your photos on an Android smartphone or tablet.

1. Photo & Picture Resizer

Developed by: farluner apps
Price: Free Get if on Google Play

Photo & Picture ResizerFast and fantastic tool for those who are looking for quick picture resize. Photo & Picture Resizer is developed by farluner apps, has millions of downloads with a superb rating on Google Play Store. It allows you to reduce photo size without distorting pixels and image quality. The resized photos will automatically save in a separate folder ’Pictures/PhotoResizer’.

It is an extremely simple yet fast and modern app, lets people reduce the photo size quickly and conveniently. People often share photos on social media and instant messengers for getting attention, more views and likes. Uploading large and high definition files on social media or messengers is time-consuming and also some messengers don’t allow users to share large files. To overcome this problem, resize your pictures using this easy picture resizer.

How to Resize a Photo on an Android Phone (Video Tutorial)

To resize a photo using the Photo and Picture Resizer app, follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, go to Google Play Store
  • Download the app by clicking the link mentioned above. You can also use Play Store search box to search image editing app by entering the keyword “Image Resizer”
  • Once the installation has completed, tap the icon and launch the app
  • Now select a photo from your existing collection or take a new one
  • Next, tap the resize icon located on the top bar
  • It will show you a small window “Select Dimensions”. It contains different sizes including 320×320, 640×640, 800×800, 1024×1024, 1280×1280, 1600×1600, and Custom
  • You can either select an option from the list or tap ‘Custom” to enter your custom dimensions manually.
  • Finally, your image will be saved automatically in the Gallery.

Photo Picture Resizing Steps

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Developed by: Adobe
Price: Free Get if on Google Play

Photoshop ResizerPhotoshop Express is world most popular image editing app. It is a complete app for mobile graphic design and widely used among photographers, graphic designers and common users like you. Photoshop offers an extensive range of tools, effects, filters, and graphics which you can use for photo editing. You can create almost every kind of graphics using its powerful toolkit and image effects. It is, no doubt, a power tool as compared to other photo editors on the Play Store.

Learn how to resize photos using Adobe Photoshop Express

To make large photos smaller, follow these simple steps

  • Firstly, Install Adobe Photoshop Express from Google Play Store
  • Once the app installed, tap the icon from home screen and open
  • Import an image from your photo gallery
  • Next, tap the crop icon located at the bottom of your screen
  • You can see more options like rotate, flip it, flip v and resize icon
  • Now tap the resize icon and select your desired image size
  • Photoshop offers different photo sizes for different purposes. For example, free size, Facebook cover photo, Facebook Ad, Instagram, Twitter post, medium, Linkedin background, Pinterest, Youtube thumbnail, custom size, and a lot of others.
  • You can also use “Custom” feature to reduce image size as smaller as you want
  • Finally, click the share button to save your photo to the photo gallery, or on social media sites.

Adobe Resize Photo

3. Reduce Photo Size by shoozhoo 

Developed by: shoozhoo
Price: Free Get if on Google Play

shoozhoo image resizeWant to resize your pictures? Download and install Shoozhoo’s image resizer from Google Play Store. It is a simple but powerful tool available for free for your Android phone and tablet. To make large photos smaller, follow these simple steps.

  • Firstly, Install the app by clicking the app link mentioned above
  • Tap the icon to open the resizer app
  • Next, tap Pickup Image to open an image from the gallery
  • You can also capture a new photo or selfie
  • Use “+” or “-” buttons to reduce or enlarge
  • You can also use crop tool to pick a specific portion of your photo
  • Next, select desired size from the list appeared after clicking “Reduce” button or Choose “Custom” to enter your desired image size
  • Finally, click save and your photo will save to image gallery

Reduce Photo Size

4. Image Size – Photo Resizer by Codenia 

Developed by: Codenia
Price: Free Get if on Google Play

Image SizeReducing the size of an image is not as complex as you think. It just needs a resizer and few steps to get the job done. There are billions of mobile users in the world and almost one-third majority have smart devices. Photos are large when we captured through mobile cameras. It is difficult to share large files on social media and instant messengers. To make the photo smaller, we required an image resizing app like Image Size by Codenia.

There are tons of image editors on Play Store which you can use to perform graphic design task. However, a few apps are designed for a specific task like resizing or crop. Using other image editing apps is a little time-consuming.

For instance, there are hundreds of other things so locating a specific tool is a little complicated. Using a special app for the specific purpose can save your time and energy. This app will help you to resize an image using one of the following four units of measurement: pixels, millimeters, centimeters, and inches. So make your image as smaller as you want.

Codenia Image Size

5. More Photo Resizer Apps You Can Use

There are hundreds of photo editing apps that offer image manipulating facility including blur, hue, saturation, crop, resize and others. Following apps are also good for that purpose.

  • AirBrush: Easy photo editor, a world-class Android app
  • Snapseed: Perfect for creative photo enhancement tool offered by Google
  • Pixlr: One of the best picture resizing and editing mobile applications


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