How to Retrieve Voice Mail from AT&T U-verse

Retrieve Voice Mail from AT&T U-verse

U-verse home digital phone service is one of a number of services offered by AT&T. U-verse subscribers are also provided telephone service using an Internet connection, subscribers may have more options when it comes to checking their personal voicemail accounts. If you are a U-verse subscriber, you just need a mobile phone to check your voice mail and you will do this by simply accessing your personal U-verse account.

To Retrieve Voice Mail

  • Use your phone to dial *98 and check your U-verse voice mail from your home U-verse number. You just have to follow the instructions/prompts to listen to your message.
  • Use another phone to dial your AT&T U-verse phone number. The moment you hear the automated voice, press the * key. You will enter U-verse voicemail PIN before you access voice mail. This is the same PIN you selected when setting up the voice mail. Follow the prompts in order to listen to your messages.
  • You need to navigate to My Account page of AT&T U-verse if you want to listen to voice messages online. You simply have to enter your U-verse account ID and password in the respective fields. You must get yourself registered first if you want to access your voice messages online. Click the “U-verse Voice” option and then select “Check Voicemail” in order to listen to your messages.

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