Roll Back a Driver in Windows

Roll Back a Driver in Windows

You can access Roll Back Driver feature from Device Manager in your Windows. When we say roll back a driver, it means you are installing the previously installed driver after uninstalling the currently installed driver. Some of you must be wondering why roll back a driver. We need to roll back a driver when the updated driver causes some problem.

We, in this article, will first show you how to uninstall the driver and then reinstall the previous driver. It can be any driver that you may want to uninstall. One thing you need to keep in mind the procedure of rolling back a driver is almost the same for all kinds of drivers. From start to finish, it does not take more than five minutes and in some cases, it may take more than ten minutes.

Below is the step by step procedure of rolling back a driver. You can use this process for any version of Windows.

  • Windows 8 & 10 users can open the Device Manager directly. Simply, right click the Windows icon at the bottom left corner and select Device Manager from the menu. If you are using Windows 7 or any other version of Windows then you can open Device Manager through Control Panel.
  • Now the Device Manager is opened on your screen. You must know the name of the driver you want to roll back. Locate the driver. You can expand the hardware categories by clicking the > or + icon.
  • Locate the driver you want to roll back and long-press it or right click on it and then select Properties from the menu.
  • Select the ‘Driver’ tab in the ‘Properties’ window.
  • Next, click the Roll Back Driver button

Some users say that the ‘Roll Back Driver’ button is disabled. It means you will not be able to roll back your driver using this process.

  • Say ‘Yes’ in answer to the following question you will be prompted to.

‘Are you sure you would like to roll back to the previously installed driver software?’

  • The driver installed before the current driver will be restored the moment you will click Yes.
  • Next, click the Close button at the bottom of the device properties screen.
  • Click or touch Yes on the ‘System Settings Change’ dialog box. Restart your computer to save the changes you just made.
  • Your computer may restart automatically.

Remember, the Driver Roll Back feature is not available for printer drivers. Basically, the roll back feature is mainly available for hardware managed within Device Manager. One more thing, you can roll back driver only once because Windows only has the copy of the last driver installed not of the driver installed before the last driver.

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