How to Get Showbox for Mac, MacBook Pro and iMac

Download Showbox for Mac

Learn how to download Showbox for Mac to watch your favorite movies at home. Those who have used Apple devices know that Apple does not allow running unapproved apps on its devices. There are some really amazing apps but you cannot use them on your Apple products. Showbox is also one of those apps. The app is very popular among users.

If you have a Mac, then we will show you how to download and install Showbox. You must have seen many guides to help you get ShowBox. But we have the best Showbox download guide. We will explain the whole procedure in simple and easy language. As we said above that Apple will not allow you get Showbox so we have figure out a way to help you get what you want. If you ask if getting Showbox is legal then our answer is “No”. But we don’t think you care about it because you are here to get it no matter what.

To Download Showbox for Mac/MacBook Pro

Following are the two things you need to do before installing Showbox on your Mac.

  • Get a copy of Showbox .apk online. Generally, jailbroken phones are used to get it because you cannot find its .apk file on any store.
  • You will need an emulator to run a .apk file.

Finding Showbox .apk is not easy to find. Simply use your search engine to find one. Type Showbox in the search bar and press, Enter button and you will see the results on your page. There you can find a copy of the app for download. If your anti-virus or anti-malware software warns about any threats then you better pay attention to it. It is because it is a kind of file often affected with malicious code and can put your system at serious risk. Our next task is finding an emulator.

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Emulators make the app believe that it is being run on an Android device. We can also say that some parts of your computer start behaving like Android environment. You can find a lot of Android emulators. Some of the popular and commonly used Android emulators are Andyroid, BlueStacks and Genymotion. Andyroid and Bluestacks are the best emulators.

Using Bluestacks

The next and final step is downloading and installing ShowBox on your Mac.

  • First off, download Bluestacks on your Mac.
  • Now download ShowBox .apk file.
  • Go to the folder containing the .apk file. Locate the file, right-click it and open with BlueStacks.
  • Launch Blusestacks and run Showbox.
  • Start streaming your favorite movies on Showbox.

Congrats! You have successfully downloaded and installed Showbox for Mac.

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Using Genymotion

Read the following instructions.

  • Download Genymotion through the search engine.
  • There is no need to install Genymotion
  • Now download and install Virtual Box.
  • Lunch Genymotion and sign into your account.
  • Press ‘Add’ and add a virtual device.
  • You will run the virtual device by double-clicking it.
  • Next, you will download the Showbox .apk file
  • Simply drag the .apk file to the virtual device

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